Adventure in nepal

hi everyone, i’m a 23 years old guy from italy, i’ve been in nepal last year and i wish to go back between september and december (about 3 months – doing a couple of hard treks)

i love mountain photography and remote high-altitude areas,
i’d like to live a couple of adventures in non-touristic areas regions such as dhalulagiri, rolwaling, kanchenjunga etc.. maybe including an easy peak (5500-6000m).

i’d love to organize the treks by ourself (and do it CHEAP, not only for economic reason but also because it makes the journey more interesting) and being self-sufficient (as long as we can, i understand that is not always possible.. but i think it is for most of the treks), but i’m flexible as long as there’s some adventure and wilderness.

let me know if anyone wants to share the journey

ps: no, i’m not going around annapurna/everest/langtang, nor i wish to pay 1000$ for a 2 weeks dolpo permit



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  1. Hi Matteo
    I am in the trek you are planning. But I will be there for only 10 days out of which 1 day I have planned for bungee jumpimg but rest of the days I am on my own. So if you are planning any small trek of 7-8 days I would love to join.
    I have done moderate treks and if you have worked out your itinerary or have some plans of short treks then do let me know. I will be in nepal from 7th of Nov.


  2. hi! unfortunatly i’m not planning a short or easy trek, i did that last year and this time i’m really looking for something a little longer and hard! i don’t know about any short trek exept for langtang valley (which i’ve already visited)

  3. Hi there! I am flying out to Kathmandu in September and will be there for 6 weeks. I was wanting to do a cool adventure trek, but as I am travelling on my own I didn’t know what to do. This sounds amazing and I am really interested in your plan. Could you tell me more about what you were thinking? I am very fit and able, and up for an adventure!

  4. hey matteo…!
    i am also planning to do a long trek during december….! i have been till poon hill before and twice to kathmandu and pokhara…!
    i am interested in joining the trip with you, it sounds interesting…!

  5. Hi Matteo!
    I am going to Nepal from september to december and if you would like me to join for some adventure it would be appreciated. I have never tracked outside of Europe but have done a lot inside. I am very interested in going to the Kanchenjunga Base Camp but I don’t fancy going alone in those altitudes. I am open to most routes as long as the trekking permit is not to high and i bring equipment for camping. Reply if you are interested in some races to the top 😀