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I’m heading to Nepal at the end of September. The more I research the more places I want to go so I’m pretty open to routes…. I’m just seeking adventure and making a few friends along the way. I can’t decide whether to book a group tour from here or save my pennies and get a local guide. I guess this way I would make friends without the steep prices of the big international tour companies. 🙂



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    Hi Savanna,

    We wrote an article on booking your trek in Nepal. Maybe help answer a few questions re: booking at home or in Nepal.

    And if you’re looking for ideas on which trek to do, check out Top 12 Best Treks in Nepal for 2014.

    good luck!

  2. Thanks Alex! I really appreciate it!

  3. New to this forum, but I’ll be arriving in Nepal in September and am looking for the same trek end of September. Feel free to message me if you want to team up

  4. Hello Savana
    Let’s trek to Mid far west of Nepal , you can save pennies and more .because you need not to expense I have posted in this forum just go through . I can guarantee it gives you full enjoy .

  5. Hey Savanna! What are your plans now? I’ll be in Kathmandu first of october. Maybe we can meet up? I wanna do the Annapurna Circuit for around three weeks, startning the second week in October.

    • hi Linnea,
      i am starting the trek in annapurna area from 2nd oct…..if u r interested then feel free to contact me…… cheers

  6. hey Savanna,

    I am planning to do a trek from 27th of Sep till 7th of Oct. couldn’t yet decide which trail to take, largely due to time crunch. How long are you visiting Nepal? would love to tag along if our schedule matche.

  7. Hey all,

    I am doing the Manaslu Trek including Tsum Valley (rated #1 on ) !!!
    It’s soon to be very popular (according to the article and other sources) and still has a very authentic nature (literally and figuratively).

    I’m with a group of 3 plus myself, but one trekker is only doing part of the trek. I’m still trying to find maybe one or two more people to cut costs with the guide, etc. We plan on leaving on the 6th of october which seems to be around the time that some of you want to go, so I thought it might be a good match.

    Send me a message if you’d like to know more details and costs or w.e. and I’ll happily oblige.


  8. hi
    i am interested in the trek….but i would only able to start on 1st oct….if u r flexible on dates then pls feel free to contact me ….. cheers