Hi, we are looking for the like-minded trekkers to accompany us on the way to Aconcagua summit.
Presently we are in two, me (35, F) and Mateusz (28, M) and we are planning our trek between 1.02-19.02.2018. The trek will follow the simplest and the cheapest route, the Normal Route, through The Horcones Valley. It is independent trip so we are not going to hire a guide, but probably we will use a mule to carry some part of our baggage. If anybody is interested, please contact us. Kind regards. Justyna



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  1. Hi Justyna,

    I want to do the Aconcagua but I am travelling solo and dont want to hire a guide. Maybe we could team up?
    I am Bastien (37,M) and could fit your schedule/share costs.
    I am quite an easy going person so unless you or Matseusz are a bit thick headed we should all go along fine.
    I will be most of January in Ecuador doing some technical mountaineering in the 5500m range so I should be quite fit by then.
    Hope you consider me joining. If you want more information ….just ask

    thanks, Bastien

  2. Hi Bastien,
    Nice to hear from you. You are welcome to our team. I can see that you are the experienced mountaineer. If I may ask, where are you going to climb in Ecuador?
    We are arriving to Mendoza on 31.01., so on the 1st, after completion formalities we are heading to Horcones Valley to start the adventure…Let’s keep in touch therefore…
    Regards, Justyna