AC on the hoof

Hi, anybody out there interested in doing AC with me starting 24th May 2014?? I’m 45 years old Englishman and pretty experienced with all the out-doors has to offer. Very chilled out and still undecided on whether to use a guide just in case something goes wrong out on the ground. Quite flexible on route and open to suggestions. Cheers  





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  1. Hey Steve! Im planning a trip to Nepal starting around the same days you are. Are you totally set on the Annapurna Circuit? Or could I sway you to do the EBC instead?

  2. Hi Rory, thanks for the message……………you’ve certainly got my mind wondering what to do now! I will be arriving into KTM on 19th May (from sea level) and have 30 days to play with before heading to Myanmar. When is your planned start date for ebc can you pm me. Was planning AC as didn’t want to encounter too many tourists, but don’t think it should be such a problem at the time of year we’re stepping out. Talk soon. Regards Steve