AC = Annapurna Circuit, and Amazing Crew!? Mid/late march into April

Hi y’all! My name is Katelin and I am super keen on trekking the Annapurna Circuit, starting just after Holi! I’m thinking of hiring porter/guides to ease things on the 18-20 day trek but would love to hike with some other nature-loving travelers who a) are on a budget b) want to travel locally/sustainably c) crave adventure!! Let me know if that jives with your plans and perhaps we can have an epic trek together! 



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  1. Hi Katelin! Just found out about this forum and would love to have some trekkingbuddies. Bring on the adventure! Just repliek on another post on this forum since i have no idea whether my post will be read or not, but let know if you want to meet up in kathmandu to see if we can make some plans! Bye! Anna ( from Holland but currently traveling the world ;))

  2. Hey! I’d love to do the Annapurna circuit as well – was looking into maybe hiring a guide (wouldn’t be top expensive if we split amongst a group) since apparently the road construction has ruined a lot of the original trail but the locals have found alternate routes that avoid the road? Anyways I’m in India now but will be in kathmandu on the 22! Let me know