ABC trek starting from Muktinath / Jomsom area

Extended ABC trek starting from Muktinath / Jomsom area.

Normally, ABC trek are for 8-10 days. But below here, you can see my long ABC itinerary of mine which is little different compared to normal ABC trek. I am not sure how many people would be interested in following my itinerary.

Below plan is what I intend to follow. It would be great if I could get some trek partners for this trek.
The reason for this somewhat different itinerary is last year I did Annapurna circuit trek only till Muktinath due to shortage of leave and jeep ed out the remaining part to Pokhra. After seeing the beauty of Kali gandaki valley and some of the villages which was very beautiful, I wanted to come back here again not only to stay in those villages like Kagbeni / Marpha, but also complete the circuit. This year, my plan was to do Annapurna Base camp and since I had little bit more leave, wanted to start the trek from Muktinath / Jomsom area and then move towards Annapurna Base Camp.

I will be reaching Pokhra on Nov 23rd early morning. Will take ACAP / TIMS permit on the same day (which should not take more than 30 mins..…I think last year it took me 15 mins to get these permits done by myself) Idea is to leave for Jomsom by public transport / shared jeep on early 25th morning and reach Jomsom by evening, else stay at Ghasa and continue next day. I know it will be very long and tiring trip. I have to be in Kathmandu by 11th – 12th December as I am flying out of Kathmand back home on 14th Dec. My tickets are already booked.

Below is the itinerary I have planned and this might change on the go. If I like a place, I might stay there an extra day.

My itinerary is as follows:

Day 1. Nov 23 ==> Arrive at Pokhra early morning and get ACAP permit + visit to mountaineering museum. Will be staying around lakeside in some budget place.
Day 2. Nov 24 ==> Pokhra ==> Visit around buddha stupa(shantivan?) etc.
Day 3. Nov 25 ==> Leave Pokhra early morning to Jomsom via Beni and Ghasa by bus / shared jeep.
Day 4. Nov 26 ==> Trek from Jomsom to Kagbeni 3 hrs and enjoy scenic beauty of Kali Gandaki valley at Kagbeni…..supposed to be the one of best villages on Kali Gandaki valley to stay.
Day 5. Nov 27 ==> Kagbeni to Muktinath and back to Kagbeni. Visit monastery / temple etc (About 4hrs to go up and 2 hrs to come down).
Day 6. Nov 28 ==> Kagbeni to Marpha (3-4 hrs). Another beautiful village. Enjoy the famous Marpha apples, apple pie, apple brandy. 
Day 7. Nov 28 ==> Marpha to Larjung via Tukche 5hrs
Day 8. Nov 29 ==> Larjung to Dhaulagiri ice fall 3hrs up, one hour on top and 1.5 hrs down Larjung and then to Lete village.
Day 9. Nov 30 ==> Lete to Tatopani 5hrs (Hot water springs at Tatopani)
Day 10.Dec 01 ==> Tatopani to Chitre 6 – 7hrs
Day 11.Dec 02 ==> Chitre to ghorepani 5-7 hrs
Day 12.Dec 03 ==> ghorepani to Poon hill (early morning sunrise) and then to Chomorong 7 – 8hrs
Day 13.Dec 04 ==> Chomorong to Himalaya 4-5 hrs
Day 14.Dec 05 ==> Himalaya to ABC 4-5hrs
Day 15.Dec 06 ==> Sunrise at ABC and down to Bamboo
Day 16 Dec 07 ==> Bamboo to Jhinu Danda (hot water springs at Jhinu Dhanda)
Day 17 Dec 08 ==> Jhinu Dabda to Birethanti and then to Pokhra
Day 18 Dec 09 ==> Pokhra
Day 19 Dec 10 ==> Pokhra to Kathmandu by overnight bus.
Day 20 Dec 11 ==> Kathmandu
Day 21 Dec 12 ==> Kathmandu
Day 22 Dec 13 ==> Fly out of Kathmandu, back home.

The idea is to stay in tea houses and have food there. But will be carrying my small portable stove and one cooking vessel just to make soups / oatmeal / boil hot water while during any of the small day side trips (Dhaulagiri ice fall etc) where food might not be available.
My trek pace is not very fast, but rather slow and steady and to enjoy the scenery….kind of moderate speed. But it doesn’t mean that the other trek partner has to stick to my speed. He or she can trek at his own speed and my idea behind a trek partner is to beat the boredom and learn new things from others…..basically, it’s all about experience. Also there is somebody just in case if anything goes wrong although this route will be crowded with other trekkers and villagers…it’s kind of gives extra confidence when you are in a group.

I am not taking any guide or porter and since I was there last year in some parts of this route and kind of know the route. Also, these routes are very well marked and there is no chance for one to get lost.
Thanks for going through my rather big posting and do let me know if this itinerary suits you or if you would be interested in joining this trek ?

I can also be reached at zemugap at gmail dot com

Cheers and happy outdoors!



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  1. Hiya,

    your plan is great , but I will in KTM on 26th so a bit to late for joining ;( . hope I will catch you on the trail.

  2. You are planning for the same trek ? On what date do you plan to start and from where ?


  3. Well , I think to fly to jomsom instead take a Jeep which cost 3 times more. Then head to French pass to light a candle in small chorten in tribute to Piotr Morawski , then back down and go to Tillicho Lake (one of the highest on the Earth ) or back to Gorepani and climb to Khopra which has best view than Poon Hill . This is just scratch , not sure yet. I have to carry own tent and food on some parts of trek. I will try get local porter if possible with knowledge of this area in December. I was also thinking about ice walls but not sure It will be enough time to reach everything. There lots of options to do . I won`t do too much commercial trail as so many trekkers disturbing this sacred place . Shame that you need back on 14th to home. You really need spin your legs on short trek . 😉

  4. Manzey, hope you hook up with a partner, maybe next time…..Roger

  5. Thanks Roger! Another one week for me to land in Nepal and getting restless now 😉

  6. Hey Trollek,

    You are right. If I hire a jeep to Jomsom, it will be three or more times more expensive than flight ticket and it really doesn’t make sense for one person to hire a jeep. I will be going to Jomsom by public transport (Pokhra to Beni by bus, Beni to Ghasa / Jomsom by bus) or If I get a shared jeep, will take it. If I am lucky and get buses on time, I can reach Jomson by evening. Else need to stay overnight at Ghasa and continue next day to Jomsom.

    When you meant French pass and come back, did you mean to go to French pass (complete Dhalugiri circuit) and reach Jomsom and then go to Tilicho lake ? That would be two tough treks together. 🙂 That would be really challenging to me…not sure If I am fit for two tough treks.
    I am aware that from Jomsom, one can go to Tilicho lake via Mesokantla pass for which one needs a guide and tents / stove etc for 2-3 nights. I believe it will be very tough if you try from Jomsom side and very steep aswell. I have read that its already tough if one tries it from Manang side, but from Jomsom side, one needs to be extremley fit. Do not think I can try that although I was willing to try it from Manang side earlier.In fact, Initially I was planning for Mesokantla pass and then continue to ABC. I was planning to get my tents for this but had to
    drop this idea for this year. I had even spoken to an agency for guide cum porter for this and they had given me a quote of NPR 1600 per day for guide cum porter.

    By the way – When are you arriving to Pokhra ? I will be there on 23rd morning. Yes, I am flying back on 14th and need to report back to work on 16th which is a shame. 🙁

    Cheers and Happy Outdoors!

  7. ya, Mesokantla pass is hard more for descent than for ascent. By the way this is optional suggestion. Return can be done via Thorung La.

    Look Manz, i haven`t ticket yet. Here is no problem to buy last minute fly for me. I`m just confused. Basically i wanted to go to Manaslu trek for 14 -16days (max 18days) but my partner gave up a week ago /or Makalu Base camp (20 days) which is extremely dangerous for single trekker as very remote.
    So i had choose some uncommon trails between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. And i found three here. …all of them can be joined, depend the time and weather conditions.

    1st one goes to French Pass via Dhampus pass from Marpha , well it is anti-clockwise route as i had read about high risk between Italian camp ,japan camp and cross the glacier to French pass. My route is much safer under one condition , at least 2 days acclimatization .
    The view from french pass at the North Wall of Dhaulagiri will blow your mind away.
    Rent a tent ,stove with gas , crampons(in case of snow) costs 3 $ /each /p day.
    Porter from agency for single trekker 10 $/day , for two people 15$/day (blue tims card)
    The earlier date i can come over to KTM (out from Ireland on 24th) is 26th Nov, then even the same day go to Pokhara ,and then get the flight to Jomsom ,so can reach that point on 27th -is the earliest date.

    27th Jomsom – Marpha .(2670m)
    28th Marpha – Alubari (3400m)
    29-30th Alubari – Yak Kharka (3600m) day of acclimatization
    1 th -2nd Yak Kharka – Lower Camp Thapa Pass (4560m) day of acclimatization
    3rd Lower Camp TP – Dhampus Base Camp (4930m) back if get sick to lower camp
    4th DBC – Hidden Valley (camp along somewhere approx 5000m)
    5th Hidden Valley – French Pass(5360m) -Hidden Valley (early hike )
    6th Hidden Valley – Yak Kharka (or Marpha)
    7th Kharka/Marpha –
    @1. Ghorepani or Beni by Bus/jeep or to Jomsom (fly to Pokhara)
    @2. Larjung by bus
    8th Larjung -Lang Kola streams (camp approx 4000m at the edge of the forest)
    9th Hike up the Ice falls and back to Larjung
    10th @1 Back to Beni/Biretani/Pokhara
    @2 ride to Tatopani and rest day
    11th Tatopani -Phalante (2270m)
    12th Phalante -Khopra Ridge (3600m)
    13th Rest day with the best views (far better than Poon Hill)
    14th/15th Khopra -Ghorepani (susnet at Poonhill )
    16th Ghorepani – Hille
    17th Hille – Naya Pool
    18th Pokhara-Kathmandu
    19th/20th Heritage walk in City /Valley
    21th Deport from Nepal

    2nd one is Start from Jomsom to South via Dhaulagiri Ice Falls then Khopra Ridge ,
    after that heading to ABC via Ghandruk and run back to Nayapool.

    As i was saying ,I`d prefer keep trail uncommon as AC is very busy whole year ,
    So, for that reason i prepared more dirty tracks along the main highway but through many less visited villages and some more scenic points of views than offers Poon Hill or Deorali Pass.

    Well its up to you ,but if is any solution can fix those dates and helps “keep one rope” in our hands , will be great to share adventure with you 😉 I have to be at work till 23th ,so is no chance start earlier than 27th Nov ( i wish ,but i cannot )

    please think about.

    greets from wet Ireland.

  8. how many and which days of above itinerary are tenting (in snow)?
    what is expected regarding crevasses and guide, that is who knows trail…how many days hiking on snow, roped up?


  9. Hi Roger,
    well , camp will be from Yak Kharka up to FrenchPass and back. I hope snow will be on Dhampus Pass , surely in Hidden Valley and French Pass but not much like you can expect . Snow will help to find right way in case of clouds or fog, but i believe that my 4th trek in December and will be with crystal clear sky . No ropes necessary just crampons on Dhampus Pass if will be icy path. There will be just 3 nights in snow, i wish have more. Do u wanna joint ? No extreme , no worries about. Just good acclimatization ,that is the point to get there safe. I will buy diamox in case.


  10. Tom, just asking—…I am not much of a tenter/camper on snow. And not a mtneer….of course the last thing I would want is to get in over my head on a snow area with crevasses….acclimatization and carrying gear is not a problem.
    The last time I tented at altitude I just didn’t like the very cramped tenting space and struggling to melt water, making food etc….generally being miserable.
    I was just asking and would certainly defer to Manzey…..also actually don’t think I could get to Jomsom by 27th…..
    Also after that trek then either around Poon Hill area or ABC, which I just did this last Feb….
    I was just asking and probably should not do this.
    I too arrive 26th and must be back to KTM by 18th/19th Dec, mandatory so I was planning my own 2.5-3 week mid hills trek around Solu visiting friends and old work site…think I’ll stick with that…besides Manzey is already committed to be in your area at the appropriate time….
    Again just asking and was curious about tenting time but I don’t think it would work for me, better to plan on Manzey if he is interested, thanks….Roger

  11. i understood Roger ur position . When you will pass by Gath , come in to Chewang Nuru Sherpa ( a big stone house on the left and orange tents on back yard) and say hello from me . Hes my good friend . …Back to tent,… i was camping last time 8 yrs ago ,so i`m not good camper either , but on the french pass is no other option and there is no people passing by like on Poon Hill. Have U nice trek in Khumbu.


  12. Ok, Thomas, I was curious but it isn’t the best idea for me…thanks again, Roger

  13. Hi Tom,

    Apologies for writing back to you so late due to heavy work(almost 18hrs per day for last few days due to prod issues).
    I arrived this morning at Pokhra. I wish I could join with your trek, but my return tickets are booked from Kathmandu ==> New Delhi ==> Bangalore for 14th Nov and I also planning spend couple of days in Kathmandu. So, my dates and your dates doesn’t match. Wish we had communicated earlier and I could have planned my leave and tickets accordingly.
    IF you have any plans to come back next year for any of these treks (Dhalugiri circuit or Manaslu circuit or Makalu base camp etc) I am interested and I can also get my gears / tent /stoves etc.

    Let’s keep in touch if you have any plans.
    Cheers and Happy outdoors and best of luck to your upcoming trek.
    Keep us posted which one you finally did and let us know the experience.


  14. happy trekking, Manzey, Roger…….

  15. Thanks Roger and wish you the same.

  16. Hi Manz,
    no worries 😉
    i still believe ,that i will catch you soon on trail .
    I gave up with french pass as i got 2 weeks ago sciatica pelvic problem and now is fine ,but i need still to be careful . So finally I decided to make a Khopra trek possible extended with Ice Fall .

    we will in touch ( i will in Pokhara on Friday)