ABC Trek

Looking forward to doing the ABC Trek over 10 days, and hoping to meet and share the hiking experience with fellow avid trekkers, explore the Zen of the mountains and eat a steady diet of Dal Bhat.



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  1. Hey man, we are looking at doing the same trek (we were told 8 days, but have enough time to add a couple of days on!). The only thing is we’re hoping to leave a little earlier- we were aiming for around the 12th as we’re already in Pokhara and and eager to get trekking! Are you flexible on your dates at all? As. Long as we are back in Kathmandu for the 1st to get going on Everest, we could work around changing dates. Let us know!

    • Hi.

      I don’t get to Pokhara until the 13th. I’m not sure how long it takes to get a permit, but realistically I think the earliest I could depart would be the 15th. Would this still be amenable to you? How many of you are there? Do you intend on getting a guide or doing it yourself? I’d much rather do it without a guide to be honest. What is the word in Pokhara like with regard to this possibility?

    • Hey Chris. I’d double-check, but I think it takes a couple hours to get your permit in Pokhara from the TIMS office (open 10am – 5pm, weekdays).

    • TIMS office is open 10am-5pm on weekends, too, thankfully. Could feasibly be ready to go by the 14th I guess.

  2. Hi Christopher.

    I’m deciding between the AC / ABC treks and will also be heading to Pokhara around the 13th (I’m in Kathmandu now). I’d also prefer to go without a guide but could be convinced otherwise if it’s recommended.

    Would be great to meet up in either Kathmandu or Pokhara to discuss the trek / see if we’re on the same page. Just let me know.

    • Robin and I arrive on the 13th. We’re both in agreement of eschewing a guide and porter. Haven’t decided when to embark, but it will very likely be either the 14th or 15th.

  3. Hi Chistopher I’m arriving Katmandú on 18th September…and wanting to do the ABC trekk also, if you finally are leaving later let me know.
    I’ve got experience in trekk all around Pyrinees, and also in the Bolivian Andes