Hello 🙂 Looking for a company to do ABC trek (or optionally Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama trek). My plan is to travel to Pokhara on 26th and start the trek on 27th. I would rather do it independently (no guide). First time in Nepal but did quite a lot of trekking in Europe and some in USA. I will be doing vipassana course starting this Thursday for 10 days with no access to internet/phone during this time so will be online only till Thursday 14th morning and back on April 25th. Looking forward to hearing from someone wanting to trek together!



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  1. Hi Agata:) I’m planning to do the ABC trek too indepently in 10 days approximately. It is my first long trek so I would be happy to find a partner. Initially, I was planning to be in Pokhara on 29th of april and start the trek on the first of may, but I could easily be in pokhara on the 27th and start the 28th. Is it too late for you?

    Let me know.


  2. Hello Sandrine 🙂 I sent you e-mail this morning since this site doesn’t always work for me. Best regards.

  3. Hello Agata. Im currently looking for a trek partner as well. Hello Sandrine by the way, I message you as well. Im interested doing the same trek with you ladies. which looking into later part of April. If you still looking for trekking partners I would love to hear from both of you or join your trek.

  4. Hello everybody! 🙂 i am also interested in th abc trek, i will be around the 26 of April in pokhara although i am flexible with dates and duration of the trek! Still looking for an extra trekking partner? Would like to join a little group! Looking forward to hear something! Thanks in advance, kind regards Tony

  5. Hello Jhai and Tony, last minute but could not answer earlier. I’ll be in Pokhara tomorrow and still want start trekking on 27th – ABC and maybe some more if there is time. If you still want to trek together or you find someone to trek with meanwhile and I could join you – for now I don’t have anybody to trek with – let’s connect asap

  6. Had to change the plan and starting the day later now – Thursday 28th of April – still looking for someone to trek with! Anybody?

  7. Hey! Me, sadrine and jhai are leaving 1st of may! Is that to late for u?

    • Thanks for letting me know Tony, I’d love to join you but it’s too late since 6th of May I need to finish and be back in Pokhara. Enjoy 🙂

    • hey guys! Im looking for trecking partners for the aBC for the first of may. Tell me i could join you! best regards, malou 🙂