8-day Annapurna trek to APC Base Camp

Hey everyone,

My partner and I are currently staying in Pokhara and are planning to go on a short 8 day round trip to the Annapurna Base Camp on (or close to) the 12th September.

Our guest house owner, who is a very nice and helpful man suggested this little trek was a great way to get the best of the Annapurna circuit in a short amount of time as we are heading back to do the full Everest Base Camp around the 1st October. He recommended this trek to us as the one for the best views (we were originally planning on doing Poon Hill).

We are looking for some trek buddies to split the cost of a guide, as we, like many others are trekking on a budget!

We are male and female, both 22, recent graduates in the arts, friendly and laid back. If you think you’d be interested in joining us for this short little trek, let us know!



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  1. Hi guys, i’m Federico , i’m 30 and Italian, i was planning the same trek but in 10 days and on the 13th couse i still in kathmandu, and i’ll be in pokhara only tomorrow, late to begin the trek, my idea was go alone without guide due the cost, but probabily share one could be a better idea, so if i’m in time just let me know i’ll check the web site tomorrow morning

    • Hey Federico, we may have another guy joining us and so may be heading out a day or so later, so we will post on here when we know. A guide is about USD15 a day so not much between 3 or 4 people and is recommended for the longer treks!

  2. Hi guys, I’m just arrived in pokhara after a long crazy trip with the local bus, I confirm that I want enjoy in this trek, so just let me know if you want

    • Hey man,
      Welcome to Pokhara! We’re now leaving on the 13th so you’ve got tomorrow to sort out any extra gear and permits and stuff if you still want to join us on the trip. If you do, then great, there would be a group of four of us! We are going for a drink in Busy Bees in a bit so if you want to have a drink with us there, come along. If not, give us a shout tomorrow as we are meeting the other guy too when he gets of the bus at about 3 o’clock.

  3. sorry guys for yesterday i was exhousted and i felt asleep, anyway just let me know where and at what time we can meet up today.
    Have you already made the ACAP and TIMS permit?

    • Our permits are being sorted, but I believe that Asher, the other guy coming, might need to get his today? You can get them from the main high street from the Annapurna Conservation place and I heard someone else say that you can get them in a couple of hours from here. All you should need is your passport and two passport sized photos. We will probably go out for a drink this evening again, will post on here when we go!

  4. Ok, good, see you later

  5. Hey man, we will be heading over to busy bees soon if you get thus and y want to join us. We’ll be sitting upstairs if you can’t see us! There’s three of us, two bearded men, you won’t be able to miss us!