6-Day Mountain Bike Trip around Kathmandu Valley


I am a solo traveller looking for someone who could afford a mountain bike adventure or who really like bike rides. I am arriving in Kathmandu on 7th of Nov, organizing a trip which is gonna take a few days then ready to go. I am going to bring my own bike but you can hire it in Kathmandu for 12-15$ a day. The ride is going to be awesome but not easy so you have to be in a good shape. I’m more into downhill but I’ve done some long rides too..so..no particular plan yet but was thinking about Annapurna Circuit, Mustang region or else. I am also open to suggestions.
Get in touch if you’re interested!



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  1. Hi Stacey, Sounds like an amazing trip. My brother is in Nepal for another month working on promoting this website. I am a mountain biker and was thinking of visiting my brother so if I do that it might work out to join you on this ride. Otherwise I might plan a mountain bike ride at MOAB, Utah. Let me know what information I can share to help you decide if I’m a good match for your adventure. Also if you have any updates on the time frame and how many days the trip might last that would be helpful with deciding at my end. Thanks for posting. Cheers, Russ

  2. Hey Russ!
    As I already mentioned I am arriving on 7th of Nov which is fixed and depart on Nov 21st. It’s 15 days but can probably stay a little bit longer(for 5 more days). Permit and bus ticket on a day of arrival if doing Annapurna Circuit. If I don’t find a company to ride with, probably will end up hiring a guide as I am concerned about security due to election days in a country. If you love riding hard trails, having a laugh along the way..then this is all I need. If all above suit you here’s my email nik.tasia@gmail.com so we could get to know each other and decide on a trip.

  3. Hey Stacey,

    Namaste and welcome. We both arrived on the 7th.

    I’ll be leading a trip in Nepal coming weeks, my group just arrived yesterday so i wont have time to join you, but have heaps of advise if you need it, i’m a international mountain leader and have spend apart from leading trips since fall 2011 about 10 months totally in Nepal, i like it here so much that this is my 3rd winter in a row that i’ll be here.

    In 2011 i’ve cycled Lhasa-Kathmandu and after that done ktm valley inc Shivapuri and later Annapurna circuit by bike, solo.

    Last winter i’ve done 3passes in winter, solo. (but no bike)

    Got to jet cause i just get a message from my sister pointing you out, but i have breakfast with my group now and will leave for some small villages in some minutes, will be off the grid mostly. so no internet, but if you have questions, dont hassitate to call me.

    I’ve been in the same boat before 😉

    Mixalis 00977 98 18 43 45 75

    Here’s Thorong la pass..https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150629953588327&set=t.786938326&type=3&theater

    And since you like DH,… https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150629956958327&set=t.786938326&type=3&theater

    From Thorong la, 5416 to Kagbeni at 3700 over glacier morenes 😀

    Enjoy Nepal!