30 days ABC + 30days EBC

I do NOT have time limit………so plan to stay 60days (March 20 – May 14, 2015) to have fun time to experience local…….
My plan is to do:
1. March 20 – April 20…28-30days bus in/bus out Jiri-Gokyo-Everest&Jiri

2. April 22- May 12 the Annapurna circuit;

NO rush to finish or might not to finish, but to enjoy what Himalaya region can offer……..



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  1. Hi Linya,

    I would love you on the Base camp trek. Since you have so many treks planned already, when would you do the EBC? I would be free after 10th April to do this trek. Does this fit in with your schedule?


    • Hello there,
      currently I just started my 3 months Silk Road adventure in China & will finish in Dec 16..
      Please write to me after Dec 16 for the discussion….
      Thank you…
      From Linya

    • Hello Ranjana,
      I’m back from China Adventure…….
      Today I’m looking into Nepal airticket booking……
      It seems I will arrive KTM on March 18….& leave on May 16……
      I think it’d better to do EBC first; then ABC…….
      Therefore your after 10th April will fit well into mine…………
      How many days you’ve in mind to complete EBC???
      Honestly speaking, I will take my time to enjoy the scenery than aiming to complete it sooner……
      Look forward to having the same kind of hikers to share the beauty of ABC……..
      From Linya

  2. Moderator

    Hi Linya – do share a trip report of your Silk Road adventure when you’re back; would love to hear about it 🙂

    • Hello there…….
      I’ve finished 90days China Silk Road Adventure…….
      There is no words can describe what this trip has brought to my vision………
      You’re most welcome to ask any question if you’re interested in exploring what China can offer……….
      Bear Hugssssss
      From Linya

  3. Hi Linya I am arriving in KTM on the 6th and planning on taking a bus to Jiri on the 9th to walk to EBC ,this may be to late for you but may see you on the trail. I am also in Nepal for two months and will spend the first month walking to and from EBC and the second month on the Annapurna circuit and sancturary walks. I prefer to take my time when walking and stop where I want to depending on what I want to see and how I am feeling . For this reason I would not use a porter or go on a group tour. I will fly from Luka back to KTM before going to Pokhara and the Annapurna area. Good luck for your travels .Phil

    • Dear Phil,
      Thank you for sharing your Nepal Itinerary…….
      May I ask why you choose EBC first; ABC second?????
      I thought ABC is “easier” than EBC……So I plan to hike ABC to warm up…..
      YES!!! I like to hike my own pace and enjoy what the scenery can offer………
      I do not plan to hire guide or porter; I like to learn how…….
      Please share your thought………
      Big Hug
      Wish you and family a Merry X’mas & Happy New 2015
      From Linya

    • Hi Linya
      Forgot to say I am arriving in KTM on the 6th of March and departing on the 4th of May so this may not tie in with your plans. The reason I was going to walk EBC first is that I was going to take a flight back from Luka to KTM before going on to Annarpuna, this way I don’t need to worry about making a connecting flight as I still have another month or so in the country. I can also change my plans and spend more time on the trail if I have time as road access will be available so I can rapidly get back to Pokhara and KTM to make my international flight. I don’t know if Annarpuna is easier then EBC .? We may pass each other going the other way on EBC Who knows its a small world in some ways. Good luck for your travels I am sure you will have a unique exciting Christmas. I think its great you have all the time you need. Phil

  4. Hey Linya!
    Im definately interested in hiking in overland to EBC from Jiri. I arrive in KTM on the 17th and would liek to head out within a week from that. Just wondering if you have any dates or plans made? Would be great to have a travel partner. And I like your attitude because I am also in no rush and have no time limit. Shoot me a msg and we can try and figure something out!
    All the best,
    p.s. I’m currently living in Keelung, Taiwan. Where are you from?

    • Dear Kyle,
      What a surprise to know you’re in Taiwan…….I live in Taiwan too!!!!
      I would like to meet up with you in Keelung or Taipei where I can travel to. I live in Zhong Li City about 30km south of Taipei.
      Let me know what date/time suit you??
      My LINE: linyahuang1963
      From Linya