3 Passes trek + Island Peak


Planning to do the 3 Passes + Island Peak Summit late this year, Flying into KTM on the 27/11, and flying on to Lukla on 29/11. I have a flight out of KTM on the 25/12 so just need to be back by then. I am going to join a group in Chukhung on the 07/12 to do the Island Peak summit which takes an extra 3 days.

Have previously done the Annapurna Circuit + base camp in a similar time of year so I have a good understanding of how things work in Nepal and what the weather could potentially be like. I also met some great people through this website last time so i am looking to do the same again.

Probably faster than average pace, but flexible. Giving myself plenty of extra time for acclimitisation and photo taking. Looking for potential hikers with a bit of experience but would also happily go with someone who is maybe unsure if they need a guide/porter or not and just wants the added security of a trekking partner.





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  1. Hi Pete!

    Will be returning to KTM after a month of volunteering on the 28 of November, so I could potentially join you the day after for Lukla. I’ve been reading mixed reports of the three passes trek in winter- some say closed, others say open… you have any idea?

  2. Hi Idan!

    That would be good timing. I haven’t read any reports that mention it will be closed, from my experience doing the Annapurna circuit mid-December it will just be a lot less busy and probably less Tea houses open and thats part of what appeals to me about this time of year. With the Everest region being so popular i don’t think there will be any problems (just the cold!)

  3. Hey Pete!
    I’m glad you have experience already in Nepal in December. Less busy, less people, and clearer days are very appealing which is why I chose winter to do these treks and not Sept/Oct like many of my friends have.
    I’ll have to get used to the cold for sure! Haha. Let’s be in touch. I’m landing in KTM at the end of this month and am volunteering until Nov. 28 from which then I am free to adventure.

    • Sounds good, will do!

  4. How cold will it be in December?

    • it got down to -15c overnight when i was there last time, i’ve heard it can be worse though. I will be preparing for -20c.

  5. Hi Pete,

    I’m planning to start my trek on the 28th as I’m arriving on the 26th.

    Which way around are you going? I’m heading to EBC first, then Gokyo Ri.

    Like you I also went to Annapurna before and that’s my experience of trekking. Maybe we’ll run into each other at some point!

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Yeh iam going the same way as you, so i’ll probably see you at some point, i did the AC the same time as you in 2016, may have already crossed paths!

  6. Hi Pete
    I am a solo backpacker with some mountain trekking experience although not in winter so I am looking to join a more experienced group. I will be probably be flying in from China and need to be out before new year. I am a bit flexible on the dates so I could match yours.

  7. I’m interested if you are still looking for partners. Really interested in Island Peak depending on costs. Plenty of self arrest and crampon experience with a little rope team experience but no glacier travel experience. What are your plans for island peak?

    Could keep any pace and am flexible on dates!

  8. Hi Pete,

    I’m thinking of something quite similar including the Island Peak part, and arriving in Kathmandu the day before you. Let me know if you’re still looking for people. I see you already have an Island Peak trek worked out – can I ask how much that is and if you’re open to an additional person?


    • Hi james, its about $650 to join with another group. let me know if youre keen.