3 passes Trek from Jiri + Imja Tse climb

Hi everyone,

I am planning 3 passes trek from Jiri to Lukla with additional Imja Tse climb around 14th October and additional side trips.

The whole trip will be independent except for Imja Tse climb which will be organised by trekking company (still not decided which one – I sent questions to many) but the cost will be around $800 for: guide (From Dingboche), mountain gear rental and permits.

Looking for someone to join me at part of this trip and if we get along well we can walk together the whole thing. Although if my health will be good my pace might be faster than average.

Let me me know if you are interested I am happy to talk.




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  1. Hi Mateusz

    I’m leaving the 3rd for Jiri to start trekking.
    I’m still looking for trekking partners either for the whole trip or just some part of it.

    Are u already in Kathmandu ?

  2. Hi I arrived in ktm today, if I manage I would like to buy bus tickets also for r 3rd October to start trek.

    Wanna meet up in Kathmandu to talk?