3 Passes trek

Hi I’m an Indian traveller planning to trek 3 passes independently. I’ve a shoestring budget but plenty of time, and I’m very flexible in my plans. I plan to arrive in Nepal b/w 25th – 30th Oct. Prior to this I’ve been trekking in Himachal and Ladakh and have scaled 5000m passes. I’m reasonably fast and have no issues with altitude. I would prefer to travel with 1-2 partners.



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  1. Hey buddy, am in Nepal getting ready to do the 3passes trek – ping if you are in pokhara 25th & 26th or in KTM 27th-30th oct. Cheers!

    • Hi Nick, I’m arriving in KTM b/w 27-29th. From there I’m planning to take a bus to Salleri and trek to Lukla in 2 days max. I’m also planning to stop at a village before Salleri for a milky way shoot, this might delay me by a day. All in all, I might reach Namche by 1-3. I’m not planning to spend an acclimatization day at Namche so maybe we can meet up there if you are staying in Namche, or we can leave together from KTM since you’re also open to walking to Lukla. Also I would suggest you to walk from Salleri instead of Shivalaya since it’s much closer.

  2. Hey sounds good. Ping when you get in to ktm & we’ll chat some more, I will around on those dates. Pl reply directly to my email redfox at arcticmail dot com.

    Walk in v flight – haven’t read about it, I assumed I will fly in coz I wanted to walk out via tumlingtar instead and head on to siliguri at the end of the trek, making it rather long & flight to lukla isnot that expensive, esp if one is Indian citizen- but all that is for later. Can talk more when we meet. Am staying near the monkey temple a bit off from the busy Thamel. Just fyi-

  3. Hi Navgeet, I will be in Kathmandu to get my permit the 2nd. Leave kat for Lukla the 3rd…and make the 3 passes . Ebc-chola pass – gokyo- Renjo la end back. What do you think? 😉

    • Hi, I’m set to arrive in KTM on 29th and will prolly leave for Salleri next day. I think we can meet up in Namche/Lukla.