3 Passes & Gokyo / Gokyo Ri

Hey travellers,

My name is Susanne. I am a 37 year old solo traveller from Germany looking for a travel buddy to do the indicated route.

I just finished the Annapurna Circuit and ABC and did several other trekking in Asia, South America, New Zealand and Asia… I am pretty much acclimatized to around 4.200m, but happy to take it Slow.

I am Easy to Get around with I guess and am fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch…

I am in pokhara fight now and now flights to Lukla are booked yet, so I am flexible Shen go start, yet have to be back in KTM around dec 10th. I would be also open to hike in from Jiri.

Looking forward to your responses!!!!




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  1. Hi Susanne,

    I’m Becky – a 30 yr old solo traveller from the UK – looking to do the 3 passes trek too. I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 8th Nov but planning to get a bus to Shivalaya and do the 6-day trek from there to Lukla in order to have a bit more time to acclimatise before doing the 3 passes. Would that fit with your plans?

    I’ve done a lot of trekking in the past (was a trekking guide in Guatemala) but that was a few years back now and so hoping the added walk to Lukla would also give me a bit more time to get my strength up/adjust to the altitude etc…

    Look forward to hearing from you!