3 Passes

*Note: If you are a guide or guiding company, please do not contact me. I’m looking for like-minded INDEPENDENT travelers only! Thanks. 🙂

I’m flying into Kathmandu on Tuesday the 29th of May. Jumping on a bus to Jiri on the 30th, after getting my TIMS etc sorted on the Tuesday.

Will begin trekking on the 31st of May.

Taking my time, so 22 days from Jiri to Lukla via the 3 Passes.

I’ll decide from there if I want to fly back or walk/bus back via Jiri.

I’m currently not the fittest I’ve been, so I will be going SLOW.

I’m more than happy to hike alone, so if you feel you want to carry on ahead, I certainly won’t be upset about it.

New Zealand


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  1. Of course, you can always join me from Lukla if you don’t want to walk from Jiri. 🙂

  2. these dates are quite similar to mine
    ive also posted my trip

  3. Hi Akshay. Thanks for messaging. I did see that your dates are similar. If you want to meet up, that would be great!

    As I said, I’m leaving Kathmandu for Jiri on the 30th, then kicking off from there on the 31st. I hear it’s 7 days from Jiri to Lukla, so you’re welcome to join me either from the very start, or we can meet up in Lukla on the 6th/7th.