3 passes

Open minded and easy going Canadian happy to walk alone or with new friends. Fit and casual. No rush but plan on sidetrips and enjoy the occasional early mornings for kodak moments. Experienced trekker with a significant amount of wilderness and mountain travel experience. Raft guide, kayaker, ski guide, and happy trekker. Enjoy good connections, deep conversation, ramblings about nothing and silence. Can go budget and dirt bag but also have funds to enjoy a beer or two, a glass of Roxi or the odd treat. Pretty simple and minimal though.
Care for a stroll through the freaking mountains?



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  1. Is your date fixed or will you still be in Nepal in the beginning of April?

    • Fixed, leave Nepal mid-march

  2. Hey Ian, will be arriving in Nepal on the 12th of Feb. Would like to do Upper Mustang and 3 passes with Island peak climb. Would be interested in doing the trek together, at least until Chukhung (starting point for Island peak climb) or would this be an option for you as well? Could we also start earlier in Feb, around 15th?
    when are you in Kathmandu or Luka? I guess Lukla will be starting point or maybe Jiri? I might shorten the trek a little bit to go on the upper mustang trek as well (flying out of Ktm on the 3rd of April).
    See yu, Philipp
    (I am 34y, Munich based, on a one year trip, trekking experienced, did remote treks also on my own, relaxed… also on budget travels but not on a too tight budget ;-), still enough for enjoying life!)

    • Hi, Ive been here in Nepal since December and leave mid March. Island peak would be a sweet addition butbI didnt really bring appropriate gear and would want to add more time to make that happen, which I dont have this trip. You do know it is now mandatory to hire a guide for this climb? I’m pretty fixed on flying in to Lukla on the 17th

    • Hi Ian, I might start from Jiri to Lukla on the 13th/14th, so we could catch up in Lukla on the 18th…

  3. Hi Ian 🙂

    That’s cool you are going on three high passes trek. I am heading to Nepal on 22.02, and planning to start that trek the day after.

    Would be nice to meet some travelling buddies on the route. Do you want to share your itinerary to see, if we can meet up somewhere? 🙂


    • I have no real set itinerary other than what is suggested from Lonley Planet trek book. Counter clockwise and easy acclimatization. I fly home on the 15. 03. This does give me time. Keep it touch, I may spend some time exploring at lower altitudes before I start jamming up the high passes.

  4. Hi Ian,
    I am an 18yearold german based student, looking for a real adventure. I already am in Kathmandu since 10th Feb. My Trekking experience is kind of small but i am in a good shape and would like to go with you 🙂
    Regards Hinrich

  5. HI all, will be starting to 3passes trek on the 15th from Jiri, probably will be in Namche at around 22nd. Will do the 3 passes clockwise (for better acclimatization for island peak climb). Is there anyone around to join?
    If not I might take a guide for the 3 passes (solo trekking on the Passes not recommended what I’ve heard).
    Would be great to have company.