hey there,

I’m Tony from Canada. I’m arriving in KTM on november 5 and am hoping to head out shortly after that on the 6th or 7th. Plan on walking in from jiri and am in no real rush. I’d like to do the side trips to kalapattar and gokyo rii and any other interesting ones along the route too. It will be a challenge but one i’m really looking forward to and the more the merrier! If this sounds like something that works for your plan, please get in touch.




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  1. Hi Tony,

    I have pretty much the exact same plan as you! I was thinking about heading out on the 6th or 7th too, as I have to be back in KTM before the 7th December. I also can provide a sense of humour and a deck of cards if that helps!


    • hi kristy,
      cards are great! I need to be back in KTM around the 4th so this should work really well. I did the walk in from Jiri once before and it’s a great way to get up to speed. pm me if you like at aspoffandi@hotmail.com and we can make a plan.