3 Pass Trek/Everest Base Camp

Howdy to all,
My name is Tyler and I am making my way over to Nepal on the 25th of August and plan to hit the trail head from Lukla on the 28th of August. I have given myself ample time for this trek so am not really fussed on the rigidness of the schedule. I planning to return back to Kathmandu on the 20th of September but like I said I am not really fussed. I am looking for others to join along. I have a high fitness but spent most of my life at sea level so really don’t want to push up the altitude too quickly. So taking it slow when moving upwards and giving days to acclimatize is my basic plan. I am an experienced hiker but never at these altitudes so would just feel safer to have a small group without the high prices of a organised trip, but am up for hiring a guide in villages if need be, also as i understand it it really helps out the locals. I am OK for the lodges and tea houses but personally will be taking a tent for side trips just in case. That’s about it. Whose keen?



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  1. Hey Tyler!

    We’re planning on starting out trek from shivalaya on the 5th of sept, up to lukla and then the three peaks. No camping for me though 🙂 how are your plans coming along?x