3 pass trek

Start from Lukla and then do the 3 pass trek if possible ! Will like to start on october 15th or 16th.



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  1. Interested, I have a post leaving on the 11th, but I am flexible. Will need to be in a group with 2 or more trekkers though.

  2. Planning for the 3 passes starting in Jiri in mid-October (any time between the 10th and 20th), but will settle for Gokyo/EBC if I’m going solo. My guidebook has scared me off doing the 3 passes alone.

  3. Hi Dominike
    Planning Gokyo + EBC through RenjoLa and ChoLa, then go down past Lukla to Salleri to catch thé jeep back to Kathmandu. However considering to fly in to Lukla.
    Will take à porter along this time. Ready to leave on thé 15 oct.
    I am from Belgium, woman 45 years old, 2d Time in khumbu area. Lové hiking, photography, reading, travelling, cycling. Speak french English hindi. In Kathmandu right now. Drop me a line if you are still looking for a trekking pal and wanna meet. Charly

    • Hey Charly! Just saw your message! I will fly to lukla also! Suppose to fly today but the hotel manager from where i’m staying says it might be cancel:( so i might have to wait another day! What about you?

  4. Hi Dominike, my partner Bo and I are planning to leave 15 Oct for Jiri; like Zakry, we are also a little apprehensive about doing 3 passes solo and were thinking about EBC to Gokyo. Let us know if you are interested in discussing details!

    • Finally i will fly to lukla! I don’t have the Time to start in jiri Like it was planned! We might see each other on the trek !

  5. Hey,
    We just arrived in Kathmandu and are planning on starting the three passes trek on the 16th of October, also using Jiri as the starting point. We are two students, Anna and Linus from Germany and we both have Trekking experience.
    Just mesage me if you wanna join us.

    • Finally i will Fly to lukla because i don’t have Time Like it was planned! We might see each other on the trek !