3 pass treck + Rolwaling valley

I’ll start from Bhandar on historical trail Jiri/lukla.
1st part approx 5 days starting the 8th of april, to Namche 12/04.
Then, plan to follow the 3 pass treck clokwise, approx 2 weeks, including extra as Gokyo ri, Kala Patar, Ebc, …Chukung ri,…Imja tso lake…
3rd part/ way back off the Kumbu. 2 options to consider:
1st from Thame, reach the Rolwaling valley via Thasi lapse pass (should maybe with a guide for the pass and the way down on Rolwaling glacier to Na village). This option need at last 2or3 nights in tent and full autonomy supply/food etc…
2nd option , down Kumbu bothe kosi valley to Ringmo & Phaplu/ Saleri for returning to Ktm with jeep or bus , prev time 4 days. Trip must finish at last 1st of may in Katmandou.
Choice will depend if the pass could be attempt safely depending on weather conditions as snow level and at least two people to progress on the glacier.



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  1. Hey Francois, I will start from Lukla the 4th of April. I’ll do the three passes trek including side trips and Island Peak. I will end in Lukla/ Namche Bazar at the 24th of april and have to be in Kathmandu in the evening of the 30th of april. I considered to go via Thasi Labsa pass to walk out or hike out to Salleri. However I would prefer to do the Thasi Labtse Pass option.

    If you like, we can team up for doing Thasi Labtsa Pass in Namche Bazar on the 24th. I’m a very experienced hiker with basic mountaineerin skills (plenty of experience in Patagonia and in the Alps, mountaineering up to 6400 m in Peru).
    I’m looking foward to hearing from you.

    Best, Jonas

  2. Hy Jonas,
    Nice To read your note. Witch gives us opportunity to end our trip together by Tashi lapsa…
    It seems you’ll start couple of days before I, but with extra time and side trips we should at least joined our efforts as I plan to be around Chukkung by 22 and Namche on 24. I Will email you more info, as Phone nb as we can have contact soon.
    Regards, François

  3. Hey Francois,
    do we have enough time for the Tashi Labtsa when we start in Namche on the 24th and have to be in Kathmandu on the 30th of April? I don’t exactly know from where transportation to Kathmandu is possible from the Rowlajing Valley.
    It would be best if we could skype as soon as possible to talk about details.
    Best, Jonas