3 high Passes Jan 2014

Hello lovely Peeps Im planning / hoping that I might be able to do 3 High Passes around 20 Jan or few days later. Im 42yrs Finnish, female unexperienced hiker who is looking for other people to join in. I will be most likely be hiring a guide / porter to make the first experience safe & comfortable. Msg me if you are interested. Regarding the pricing Im curious to know if this is pretty standard rate what is out there. I will need a guide / porter due to my lack of knowledge of hiking in altitude as well as the safety factor.



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  1. Hi I am planing to do Everest base camp (26th dec-05Jan2014), I will reach Kathmandu on 27th. I am 29years male from India. please let me know if I can join you.

  2. Hi Gani, unfortunately our dates won’t match, Im hoping to start the trek around 20/1/14

  3. Hi Nanne, I plan to arrive at kathmandu on 23/1 and start the trek from 24/1 to 5/2.
    This is my first trek as well, therefore i ll hire 1 guide.

  4. Hi there

    What a shame, I will be most likely start the trek 20/1 but I will keep u updated incase my dates will change 🙂

  5. no problem, we may pass by when you come down 😀
    My schedule is fixed due to work and holiday. Enjoy ur trip ^^

  6. Hi, my intention is very similar, EBC/3P. Arriving to KTM around 18th of Jan. Could you please share more info about the route? Are you taking flight to Lukla and start from there? Darius, M, 41, LT.

  7. My apologies Darius! I didn’t see u post! Im hoping to arrive to KTM around 19,20th (dates are still to be confirmed). Catching a flight from KTM to Lukla with Tara Airlines, have already spoken to a guide over there so slowly getting organised. How’s u travel plans going? U can also PM 🙂

  8. Hi Nanne, I am Merry from China. 33/female. I also plane 3Hp & Island Peak no guide no porter. Arrive date Kathmandu is 17th. Do you have any plan? Gokyo–EBC–CHunkung Ri or heading opposite way?

  9. I am planning to go to Gochala pass (Sikkim, India) trekking in the month of Feb 2014 and looking for a partner.

  10. Hello there, I am Stefania, 30 years old, not experienced and solo. I am Italian, I am looking to do a short trek starting around the 28th of Jan.
    Poon Hill is likely to be the one…anybody up for this?

  11. Hi Stefania, I will be starting my trek on the 20/1 🙂

  12. Hi everyone,Hope you guys are going well. I just took helicopter yesterday. Not for hydration but fell down and roll down about 50 ms after renjo la pass. 2days before me and my partner pass this cross,2solo trekkers went through it. Snow is deep on the trail and we even could not see the steps. But we can folloe footprints. Maybe we are not strong enough it took us 10 hours to get the toop from Langden. When we reached at the top of Renjo la, it was 5 pm. That we didn’t have time to take pics for sun was setting. And we hash to get down as we didn’t want to trek at night. It was cold, slipy hungry and thirty as I finished 1l water already. I just turned on my headlight then slipped down and rolled. There is rocky and snowy . After then we found a big rock to shelter us and stay for whole nifgt. Temperatures was arround -18f. Thank god we are survived.
    Remember one thing that if any bad thing happen, flash your headlight or torch, maybe someone can see. the Gokyo lodge guy told me he saw the light but didn’t know what’s happening. But whatever , we are safe now. Take good care of yourselves ang enjoy your trip! Good luck!