21-Day Manasulu & Tsum Valley Trek

I am Arriving Kathmandu on March 15th, planning to leave on 20th or earlier if preparations are done early. But definitely no later than March 20.

I am from Toronto, Canada with some previous experience of walking the trails in the Himalaya’s, but first time in Tsum and Manasulu. Can speak Nepali and Tibetan. I am easy going and relatively fit but will not hurry on trail. I enjoy mountains and it is very important to enjoy the journey rather than destination. I have a guide but looking for people to share the cost.

Let me know if you are interested. We can discuss the details later.

_/\_Tashi Delek!!

** Reached the maximum number for my group. Will no longer be taking any more new partners until someone decides drops at the last moment. Thanks for your interest.



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  1. Hi.

    I have the same plans for doing this trek. I will arrive in Nepal about the 17 of March. I’m only one person, but I would like to join. What is the cost for the guide you have?

    • Hi Lynge,
      Thank you for your interest in joining our trek to Manasulu/Tsum Valley. You are welcome to join. As for guide, I have had an email exchange with a guide/porter couple week ago but he was asking $40 a day. I think that is little too much. I am still looking for a Porter/Guide for around $25 to $30 a day. If you can find one for a reasonable price we can discuss. I am also thinking about looking for a guide once I get to Kathmandu. I am arriving Kathmandu on 14th of March and will have enough time to do that. Let me know what do you think. You can email me at shaksurathotmail.com

  2. Hi Tashi,

    I want to do a Trek at the same time, and am looking for a Partner. So I am very interested, just reply my answer for some information.


    • Hi Freddi,
      My trip is confirmed if you are willing to join. Right now I have two people confirmed including myself. We are both coming from Canada. I am looking maximum of four in my group so that our cost per day can be minimum. Like I mentioned that I am on shoestring budget. I am looking for a porter/guide that will charge between $25 to 30 per day. Bottom-line if we can keep our guide cost to maximum $10 per day per person is my aim. Let me know what you think and reply if you want to join. Also would be nice if can email me to introduce yourself.