2 weeks monsoon trekking

Hi I’m rubie,
I finish my uni exams on the 18th and thought what better way to celebrate than to climb mountains in Nepal! I want to do a 2 week trek starting on the 20th of June and finishing by the 5th of July. I am thinking maybe in the Annapurna region but am open to suggestions.
I’m looking for friendly people who don’t mind the rain. Let me know if your interested
Happy trekking everyone 🙂



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  1. Hi
    I am Arjun & I want to join with you as a trekking partner.

  2. I am also interested for trekking around this dates.. please confirm so that i can book my tickets to KTMDU.

  3. Hey Rubie, Does your plan still relevant? I’m looking for a partner around June22 for 14-16 days trek. Samuel

  4. yes i’m still going 🙂 myself and two others are doing a 2 week Annapurna circuit trek from the 21st of june to the 4th of july. we already have a guide, if you are interested in joining let me know and I can give you contact details of our guide 🙂

    • I’m highly interested in this trip, and I got a message from Eva also (think she is one of the other ppl in the group). However, I’m still looking for a good flight, and will probably will arrive to Kathmandu only on the 22nd, late in the night (means I can leave Kathmandu only on the 23rd) :(. Will check again if will arrive 2-3 days early, and please, let me know if anything will change and you plan to leave on the 23rd. 🙂

  5. Hey yeh Eva is one of the girls, unfortunately our dates are set but let get in touch if flights work out you’d be very welcome to join us 🙂

  6. Hooray! it looks as I’m joining 🙂

    Are you taking a flight on the 4th? Plan to be in Kathmandu on the day before (3rd)? I wonder if to take flight leaving Kathmandu on the 4th or later.

    • that’s great! so you’re definitely joining us? I start a tour leaving KTM on the 5th, so I wanted to be back the day before just in case

  7. Hi, if you guys need any trekking gear, I have poles, windstopper pants and a wind/water proof jacket for sale. It’s all in good condition and has only been used for 1 or 2 weeks trekking. I’m in Kathmandu now.

  8. Hi everyone! Is there space for another:)?