2 weeks Annapurna circuit. Last mid of March.

Hello! I will trek the Annapurna circuit on March, starting around March 16th (+- 2 days), I arrive 14th to kathmandu, early in the morning. I will be there for a little bit more than 3 weeks, and would like to trek the circuit in 14 or 15 days.

I have no experience in Nepal, nor in high altitude mountaneering. But I have experience hiking, including multiday treks, and I am reasonably fit.

My idea is not to hire porters or guide, but the guide is open to debate.


See you on the mountains!



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  1. Hy Carlos, you might have seen that i resceduled my trip since I will be free only on March 6th. Now that I have the maps and fixed the route (over Tilicho Tal) I can arrange better. Would it be possible for you to leave around March 8th or 10th?
    Do you want to catch a flight from Jomsom back to Pokhara?

    • Hi Mauro! Sorry for the late reply.

      Unfortunately, I can’t start earlier than 14th (it would mean to stay in Nepal 18 days instead of 23 if I would go earlier than 13th,and that would be pretty tight on time for the trek and enjoying the cities).
      But in case you are able to delay your start until 14th, yes, I am planning to take a plane from Jomsom to Pokhara. That would provide some extra time for side treks or extra activities in Nepal :).

      Happy holidays!

  2. Hi Carlos, are you still looking for a partner? Your plan fits quite well with mine. I’m planning to arrive in Kathmandu on 14th/15th, and start the trek around 16th. I’m quite fit but I haven’t done high altitude trekking either.

    • Hi James!

      Yes, still looking for partners, so you are welcome to join! To start on 16th sounds good to me. Do you have any plan of how many days do you want to spend in the trek, or any side treks that you want to do?

  3. Hey carlos,
    I might join you … I’ll be in Kathmandu at this time, and we can arrange it.

    • Hi Mo,

      Sure, you are very welcome to join. As I say, I arrive to Kathmandu on 14, and according to the plans I will meet James there. We are planning to star the trek on 15th or 16th, depending how fast can we arrange the gear and the permits. If it suits you, you are very welcome to join.