14-18 days Manaslu circuit

hey guys,

I’d like to do the Manaslu circuit in 14-18 days similar to this suggestion
but am pretty flexible to other sugguestions and have time. I’d definately take enough time for everyone to acclimatize to the height and would prefer to sleep in lodges.

As far as I know you have to be a group of at least two people and have to have a guide to do this trek.
You’ll need tree permits with would be around 70 $ per week.

I’d love to do this with some of you guys to share this wonderful experience. I hope we can meet up in Kathmandu soon.



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  1. Hi i will be arriving the 27th in kathmandu, im going to Annapurna Circuit + basecamp, but maybe we can meet up for coffee

  2. Hi Robert. I am currently in Varanasi, India (a day and night journey from Kathmandu). I am interested in doing Manaslu circuit plus Tsum valley (a 22 day trek in all I believe). I am travelling alone and looking for a partner. I can be in Kathmandu in a few days time. Let me know what you think as soon as you can.

  3. Hey guys
    Thanks for the replys. My situation has slightly changed. I thought i’d have time to do the Manaslu circuit. But as i’m volunteering in nepal, i had to start working already.
    But i’m in kathmandu so if you are keen to meet up for a beer or tea, i am. Just let me know.