Everyone should pay the same price for the same trip, regardless of how or when they book the trip. This helps guides set a fair, standardized price for their service and relieves travellers from the hassle of bargaining for the lowest price.

Every guide guarantees the following:

Lowest Price Guarantee

To offer the same price on TrekkingPartners that they do for direct bookings. In other words: their lowest price. This allows travellers to book online, in advance, knowing they are getting the same price as others who bargain down in-person.

A Promise to Reimburse

If the situation arises where someone books a trip on TrekkingPartners to find out that another client paid a lesser amount for the exact same trip, the guide promises to reimburse the client the difference in amount prior to commencement of the trip.

No Bookings Fees

TrekkingPartners is free for travellers, which means no extra fees added on to the trip price. We charge guides an advertising fee if they make a booking through our service, which pays for the continuation of this website.