Mongolia and Gobi Desert Challenge Expedition

With Peter Syme

$9900 USD
per person
Duration 3-4 months
Cancellation Strict


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I started guiding in 1984 when still just a teenager, and have been doing so ever since in between , work, careers and family life. Currently living in Scotland as owner/manager of several small adventure companies focused on different disciplines in the adventure World. Since dedicating myself to the adventure world full time in 2003 we have looked after in excess of 100000 guests on adventure activities and adventure holidays and expeditions.

Guides for: Agency Employed
Guiding Experience: 30 years
Nationality: Scotland
Speaks: English
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(Training expedition in Ladakh Aug 2015 included)

During 2011 1000 Mile Journeys founder Peter Syme was part of a 12 person international expedition of individuals from eight different countries. The expedition had an age range of eighteen to fifty plus. These individuals from the most diverse backgrounds came together to take on the challenge of crossing Mongolia and the Gobi Desert on foot. Seven of the team completed the expedition in 51 days completing a distance of 1136 miles on foot supported by camels for carrying heavy gear and water. A Russian 4×4 provided safety and local support and translation.

Peter used the expedition as part of his research for the concept of 1000 Mile Journeys. He was injured on day sixteen by a camel kick which did something interesting to his hip but being Scottish and stubborn he dragged, limped and cursed all the Worlds camels each day until the many miles and challenges were dealt with and the objective was reached with seven other team mates. By experiencing first hand the many daily challenges a journey such as this presents invaluable research and lessons were learned.

Mongolia is a vast country with a tiny population, it is stunning, it is remote, it is challenging. It has very few roads but it is rapidly developing as their is mineral wealth. Communications are improving even for the most remote of remote nomads. This is a country that will make a very lasting impression on anyone who ventures into the vastness and takes on the challenge of crossing it on foot or by bike.

The trekking crossing will allow sixty days but aim to complete in fifty days and again from West to East. The expedition will be supported by Russian 4×4 and local support staff as well as guides from 1000 Mile Journeys.

Due to weather considerations the 1000 Mile Journey will start in the month of May 2016. We are looking for a team of 8-12 individuals who have the ambition and drive to apply themselves to this journey. Included will be a 2 week training expedition in Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas 7-22 Aug 2014 in order to get to know each other and also to train in the mountains and complete first aid training. This area is known as the desert in the Sky and as part of the training we will attempt a 6000 meter trekking mountain

Each individual will be required to undertake a phone interview. Do not be put off by this, a journey like this is more about mental attitude than anything else. We are aiming to have the team together by Jan 2015 so that winter training can be conducted and that we all get to know each other in advance prior to meeting up in Ladakh in Aug 2015 for the training expedition.

Cost of this once in a lifetime experience is £6000
The cut of date of getting the team of 8-12 is 15 January 2015. If we do not have a minimum of 8 committed people by that date the expedition will be cancelled any deposits paid will be returned at a rate of 100%.

Payment Profile Deposit to book is £1000 Non refundable if cancelled by you. 100% refundable if we cancel because of not getting a suitable team together. The £1000 deposit covers that cost of the 2 weeks in Ladakh during August 2015 for training. Further payments 30 Oct 2015 £2500 31 Jan 2016 £2500

2 weeks in Ladakh during 2015
2 nights’ bed and breakfast hotel accommodation in Delhi on a twin-sharing basis.
4 nights’ full-board hotel accommodation in Leh on a twin-sharing basis.
8 nights’ full-board camping accommodation on a twin-sharing basis.
All road transport by private vehicles.
Porterage costs to base camp.
All group equipment
Climbing permits.
Local climbing sherpas and local helpers.
1000 Mile Journeys kitbag or lightweight fleece
Up to 60 days in Mongolia
3 days on B&B in Ullannbaatar
Full Board on Expedition
Full local support on crossing
All group equipment
Up to 60 nights full board camping on a twin basis ( we aim to cross in 50 days)
Overnight train from finish point to Ullannbattar

Not included
Personal insurance cover which is mandatory
Lunch and evening meals on B&B days in cities
Personal equipment


This is a unique challenge and expedition that will only appeal to a small number of committed individuals who want to experience something different in life. Please get in touch if you dream of such a journey and have the ability to commit to this undertaken well in advance as the planning required means we will only go ahead if we have the team together by Jan 2015.

Price Includes

  • Accommodation
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Equipment
  • Guide's Salary
  • One Porter
  • Permit Fees
  • Public Bus

Price Excludes

  • ACAP Permit
  • Access Flights (Both-Ways)
  • Access Flights (One-Way)
  • Four Porters
  • Guide's Transport
  • Guide’s Accommodation
  • Guide’s Insurance
  • Guide’s Meals
  • International Flights
  • MCAP Permit
  • Meals
  • MRAP Permit
  • Porter Insurance
  • Porter's Insurance
  • Private Jeep
  • Private Taxi
  • Public Jeep
  • Three Porters
  • TIMS Card
  • Tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Two Porters
  • Visa Fee


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