Kathmandu Heritage Tour (Daily Departures)

With Bijaya Ghimire

$85 $65 USD
per person
Duration Day-trip
SleepingGuesthouse, Homestay, Hotel
Max. Altitude-1350m
Difficulty Easy
Cancellation Flexible

Visit the spiritual places of Buddhism and Hinduism in Kathmandu Valley with Tantric insights.

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Bijaya Ghimire is licensed tour and trekking guide of Nepal. He has a depth of knowledge on Hinduism and Buddhism, meditates and just wants to be a happy person. Happiness counts much for him and if you want a happy Nepal journey, feel free to contact him!

Guides for: Agency Employed
Guiding Experience: 7 years
Nationality: Nepal
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Boudhanath Stupa
The Stupa of Boudhanath lies eight kilometers east of Kathmandu. This colossal and ancient Stupa, one of the biggest in the world, has the all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. It was built by Lichchhavi King Ma na Dev in the fifth century AD. It is built on an octagonal base inset with prayer wheels. Ratna Park and Shahid gate are the main bus stops for Boudhanath.

Pashupatinath Temple:
Situated five kilometers east of Kathmandu on the bank of sacred Bagmati River, the temple of Lord Shiva-Pashupatinath with two-tiered golden roof and silver doors is famous for its superb architecture. It is a centre of annual pilgrimage on the day of Maha-Sivarati. Entrance to the temple precinct is permitted to the Hindus only however, visitors can clearly see the temple and the activities performed in the temple premises from the eastern bank of the Bagmati river. Bus, minibus, tempos and taxi for Pashupatinath temple are available at Ratna Park.

This ancient city of Patan is situated on the southern bank of the river Bagmati and is about five kilometers southeast of Kathmandu. The city is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments with bronze gateways, guardian deities and wonderful carvings. Noted for its craftsmen and metal workers, it is known as the city of artists.

This is one of the world’s glorious Buddhist t Chaityas. It is said to be 2000 years old. The Chaitya that forms the main structure is made of a solid hemisphere of brick and clay supporting a lofty conical spire capped by a pinnacle of copper gift. Painted on the four-sides of the spire bases are the all- seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. It is three kilometers west of Kathmandu city, and is situated on a hillock about 77m above the level of the Valley. The hills ls is a mosaic of small Chaityas and pagoda temple.

  1. Our staff will pick you up are you hotel at 08:00 am.
  2. Bus starts at 8:30 am for sightseeing.
  3. Boudhanath Temple Tour: 08:30 am – 10:30 am
  4. Pashupatinath temple Tour 10:30 am – 12:30 am
  5. Lunch in Patan : 12:30am – 1:30 pm
  6. Patan Durbar Square tour 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  7. Arrive Swayambhunath Temple & tour – 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  8. Transfer to Thamel in front of Kathmandu Guest House at 5:30 pm

Note: The price differs on group size.

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  • Permit Fees
  • Public Bus

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  • Access Flights (Both-Ways)
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  • Accommodation
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Equipment
  • Four Porters
  • Guide's Transport
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  • International Flights
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  • Private Jeep
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