Everest Base Camp Trek

With Ram Silwal

$1375 USD
per person
Duration 13 days
Max. Altitude5545m
Difficulty Moderate
Cancellation Strict

Your Guide

In Nepalese culture people treat guests with high honor and regards. They are raised in the type of culture that has nothing but tremendous amount of respect for the guests no matter what. Nepalese people never turn away their guests because to them guests are no different from a god. The kids in the Nepalese society grow up watching their elders treat the guests and the visitors with deep respects. Therefore, hospitality comes naturally to Nepalese people.

Ram Silwal was no exception to those kids either. As a kid he always dream of serving the guests wholeheartedly and trying to make their trip to my motherland an epic trip. With this aim, he began his career as an amateur entrepreneur. I have been in the tourism industry since 2000.

All these years he has been in this industry, there were times when he felt that there was lot more to be done to make every single visitor that came to our place feel at home. Through the trial and error method Ram has learnt a lot in the past 11-12 years. He is returning what he learnt from the tourism industry back to the industry.

‘We are all family here’ is what Ram tells his staffs. For the past few years, at the office of All Nepal Himalayan Adventure Treks PVT LTD in Thamel, Ram and his team have stuck to the same principal and worked around the clock to make sure their clients feel the same way that they are at home when they are in Nepal.

Ram has, in his successful career, served as a tourist guide and as a business manager for different companies. His experience has come in very handy for All Nepal Himalayan Adventure Treks PVT LTD sees off the challenges and unexpected turn-of-events year after year. Ram has given nothing but high class quality service to the clients, professionalism to the company, commitment, diligence and integrity.

As a team captain, Ram has always tried to reverse the trend and set new rules in the tourism industry by taking the customers’ satisfaction to the extreme. He has defied old traditions of the industry and whitewashed the company with more customer-friendly tour packages and services. His idea of responsible tourism, sustainable development and economic growth has taken the tourism industry here by storm. Now every travel agency wants to follow the same path.

His global understanding of the tourism industry and vision of evolution of the market have always given the company a depth of invaluable, current and interesting offers to the clients and reputation for the company, in return. Ram has many feathers in his cap for national and international tour packages, huge client base, a long time working team and a well-known tour operating company.

It is obvious that Ram has passion for tourism industry. Ram’s unique talent of taking right turns at the crunch times and convincing the clients has made him one of the most successful, famous and respected tourism entrepreneurs of the country.

Guides for: Agency Employed
Guiding Experience: 14 years
Nationality: Nepal
Speaks: English
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Trekking is not an easy job at all, but it’s easier with All Nepal Himalayan Adventure Treks. Decades of experiences have led us close to perfection. For any kind of holiday tour, we have pre – planned preparations and all necessary gears. Our team of crews have been well – trained and professionals with abilities to handle any kind of emergency situation.

The most popular of all, the Everest Base Camp Trek receives amazing number of visitors who seem well – determined for a perfect mountaineering sport in the country. Through the laps of the highest peak in the world, you shall be amused as the trail leads to its way. Mount Everest, with an impressive altitude of 8,848 metres, has already earned enough reputation for being the highest peak ever known to the humankind. It was first conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa on May 29, 1953. Since this epic journey of the two, mountain lovers from all around the world have been choosing this region as their primary mountaineering destination.

Everest Trekking takes you through rich geographical formations and a hypnotic atmosphere, all decorated with lush forests of Rhododendron, Pines and Oak. However, these attractions disappear as you begin to take elevation but further leads you to a more blissful kingdom, known as the land of snow. Despite the absence of vegetation, large frozen glaciers supported with thick blanket of snow seem to emerge with another surplus dimension. Previous visitors stated that the region serves the finest viewpoints and hallucination like visions of some of the glorious Nepalese Himalayas such as Mt Lhotse [8,516m/27,940ft], Mt Makalu [8,462m/27,762ft] and Cho Oyu [8,201m/26,906ft] and the Everest [8,848m/29,029ft] itself.

Price Includes

  • Access Flights (Both-Ways)
  • Accommodation
  • Guide's Salary
  • Guide’s Accommodation
  • Guide’s Insurance
  • Guide’s Meals
  • Meals
  • TIMS Card
  • Two Porters

Price Excludes

  • ACAP Permit
  • Access Flights (One-Way)
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Equipment
  • Four Porters
  • Guide's Transport
  • International Flights
  • MCAP Permit
  • MRAP Permit
  • One Porter
  • Permit Fees
  • Porter Insurance
  • Porter's Insurance
  • Private Jeep
  • Private Taxi
  • Public Bus
  • Public Jeep
  • Three Porters
  • Tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Fee


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