"Unprofessional behaviour"

Reviewed on Jun 28, 2014.

I was on a cycling trip with Dipak doing the Annapurna Circuit in the end of May. There were many disappointments on this trip but I’ll try to summarize the problems.

  • He posponed the trip the day before the planned departure and blamed on his fathers birthday.
  • He changed the agreed transportation from public transport to a hired minivan without consulting me (also the day before departure) and took for granted that I would pay for this change.
  • For breakfast, lunch and dinner he usally took another table and left me sitting alone. When asking why he wouldn’t give me an answer.
  • When sitting together me, him and the third guy on the trip, he always switched the conversation to Nepali. When telling him that I felt quite excluded his reply was “We’re nepali so we speak nepali”
  • When I got tired of this behaviour we broke our arrangement and agreed that he would pay me back half the money when getting back to Kathmandu. Back in Kathmandu he didn’t answer my contact attempts until the very last day before leaving back to europe. When we met he didn’t bring any money at all and refused to pay me back. After that he has ignored all my attempts to contact him.

I’m sure some of the things were just missunderstandings but all in all it was too much problems riding with him. I would recommend that you look for another guide if you want someone you can trust.


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Route Annapurna Circuit Trek
I wouldn't recommended this guide.