"The rock"

Reviewed on Apr 25, 2014.

In my first trip with Fatha I promoted him from porter to assistant guide. In my second trip I insisted to have him as guide and in my third he became a friend. This guy has an amazing story – which I did actually pen down in my book on Nepal. You can find out when you go with him – if you ask for it. He’s not the type that talks too much about himself, rather humble and hard working. But if you show interest, he talks up great stories. And more important: if there is a problem – he’s there. Here’s just 1 example: when a client was too ill to continue trekking after 1 day of walking uphill, he descended the next day with the man and his wife, made sure they got a bus back to Pokhara and then, in the afternoon, catched up with the group – arriving late evening 1800m higher from where he left the couple around lunchtime that same day. At the time, he was only porter, not guide. So here you have a strong, dedicated and caring guide who doesn’t feel the need to show off – which is why I ALWAYS try to have him as guide – and have adviced him to dozens of friends and family. He also has almost 20 years of experience and knows the Himalaya as if it was his own pocket. He will not overload you with tons of botanical information, history or legend stories – but for me and most of the people I’ve send to the Himalaya with him that is just fine.


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Route Annapurna and Mustang
I would recommend this guide.