"A lifechanging trip with the BEST GUIDE EVER!"

Reviewed on Aug 16, 2014.

I hiked to Poon HIll by myself last November and I felt truly blessed to have been given Bunu as my guide. She is kind, fun, and knowledgeable about the trail and the wildlife. She had a tiny speaker with her so we were able to listen to music together and have singalongs, which was great for the super steep parts 🙂 I had such a connection to Bunu that we still talk on facebook to this day. The Poon HIll trek was lifechanging for me. It was difficult but Bunu made it easier by telling me to enjoy my surroundings and the journey, instead of thinking about how steep it is….which it can be. I would ABSOLUTELY reccomend this trip and Bunu to anyone who is ready to have an experience of a lifetime and make a lifelong friend in the process. Love you Bunu!


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My Guide

Route Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek
Trip Date November 18, 2013
Duration 5 days
I would recommend this guide.