"High Price Low Quality Guiding"

Reviewed on Apr 6, 2014.

Guide Manhindra Thamel, if thats his real name, deceived us about completing the Manaslu circuit and tried to cut our trek short by 4 days when we had to return due to bad weather on the pass. Great Aventure Treks knew full well we couldn’t do the circuit but never informed us or offered an alternative route. Guide Mahindra fed us horrible meals and insisted on taking over the kitchen of our hosts to cook. He also abandoned me with my porter leaving with the other trekker in our group as I insisted on doing our full 16 days. Thanks to my excellent porter Praksh Banjara I had a nice time after the guide disappeared and we ate very good meals after that.


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Route Manaslu and Ganesh Himal
Trip Date February 7, 2014
Duration 16 days
I wouldn't recommended this guide.