"Best experience of my life!"

Reviewed on Jul 16, 2014.

There are not enough words in the english language that can describe how much enjoyed the trek that i was lucky enough to do with Tek. I have come to admire, respect and love him as a true friend and a brother in the relatively short time that i was with him. His knowledge of the Annapurna region, the lesser travelled trails and interesting and significant points along the way kept me completely interested and engaged the whole time, as he is an incredibly intelligent man he had a lot of wisdom to impart, and he took great pleasure in helping me understand the nuances of modern Nepal and many intricacies of the villages and towns that we passed through. His amiable and extroverted personality always had me laughing throughout the day, and did alot to make me feel comfortable and safe, something that was made effortless by his wealth of experience in the mountains, and life in general. He is the utmost professional, yet somehow also a delightful, charming man who easily converses with peoples of all cultures, ages and backgrounds (His english is perfect!!). Even with 20 years of age between us, it felt more like trekking with a friend, rather than someone simply hired to lead me through the trail. I feel incredibly lucky to have walked alongside Tek, he is someone i will never forget and will definitely see in the future!
Get Tek, you wont regret it one bit!
Mike, Australia.


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Route Annapurna Circuit Trek
I would recommend this guide.