"Agency is ok, guide not!"

Reviewed on Apr 27, 2014.

Hi All!

I took my time to make a decision about writing this review. I don’t want that the agency has losts because of my post. Or that the concrete guide has problems on his jobs. But otherwise I also want to avoid that further tourists become such dissatisfied as me.

So agency is quite ok. The owner is pretty friendly, speaks good english, very felxible.
The price for the trek was in comparrison also OK! I paid for 10 days 1300$ (no porter, only guide). What was not good:

1. The agency recommended hotels in Pokhara (bedrock = 25 $ per night) and in Kathmandu (backpackers hotel = 20 $ per night). I took those first, but than understood it is too expensive for Nepal. And the quality of rooms was not really ok for that price. I can recommend “Top Lonely Guest House” in Pokhara (500 Rps per night) with unbelievable view to the lake from the hill. And a Himalaya Guest House for 400 Rps, on the Freak Street, 2 minutes from Durbar Square in Kathmandu. Ok the last one is without a shower adn shared toilet. But for one day really a nice one.

Ok now to the guide:

1. He always run to quickly on the path. He had 8 kilo backpack, me 12. Even after a warning to be always not far away from me, he still was often 50-100 m away from me. So one day I lost the path, couldn’t see him anymore and had to scream, that he could find me and show the way. After 15 min he came. But such a stress was not necessary.

2. I had problems with attitude and had first 3 days headache. I had some aspirin. He even didn’t ask me how I feel. I said to him by myself that I had headache. He didn’t offered any help. (By the end of the trip he said, that he had some medicine against attitude problems. Why he didn’t gave it to me?!). By the end of the trip I’ve got a cold. And had even fever. He again didn’t ask how I feel and didn’t offered any help. Lucky me that I had a trekking partner, a nice girl, who brought me tee to the bed. Such an ignorance from the guide is really not acceptable! As far as I understood late, he is very afraid of deseas.

3. He is afraid of everything. Afraid of dogs, of deseas, of people who can probably hurt him.. Too much afraidness is not acceptable for a good guide.

4. Once we decided to change a bit the route. From Lo Manthang we wanted to go to Jara/Luri Gompa instead of the same way as we did already a day before. He had no map!! So I bought a map from another guide in a guest house. We went this route and of course sometimes it was not always very clear how to go better. For me no problem. There is always a possibility to turn back, in case the route seems to be strange. He was nearly dieing, each time we had to look to the map.

5. In the village Jara, he found the owner of the guest house strange…. Ok he had a traditional dagger on his trouses. But still I was not afraid of this guy. But our guide!! He was in a real panic attack. He asked me and my trekking partner to have a sleep in our room on the floor. That was the final point for me. After that I lost any respect. Such a looser. Such a small boy ( he is 35 years old man!!). I couldn’t beleave it.

Ok there is probably still a lot of things I forgot to say about him.

To say something positive. He really did the things a guide should probably do. Ordered a lunch or a dinner. Worked as translater between us and local people. In general he was always friendly. The problem was just his character. Such people shouldn’t go to the mountains or work as a guide.

I hope my feedback help somebody. And I hope Chuth will somedays understand all this points and correct his behaviour.

Goof luck to all travellers!!


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