"A guide that would give his life for you!"

Reviewed on Jun 4, 2014.

I totally recommend travelling with Bharat, on this trip or any where in the World. He was a great guide. I had travel in tours in different countries and continents, but first time I have a guide so professional and really caring for the passengers, as Bharat.

I got sick after the EBC and he organize everything, so the rest of the group could keep going to the next destination and he went down with me to a lower altitude town.

I was so sick, but he took care of me, got me a better room, got a porter for us, he even was worry off me making me eat, brung me breakfast and lunch to the room. When you get sick, what you miss the most is your mom, well, thanks to Bharat I received all the special treatments until I got better and we met the rest of the group in Namche.

The hole trip was amazing, a little bit more expensive, than doing it but our own, but I really recommend to do this kind of trips with a responsible agency, that for sure will have an experienced guide.

I will do this trip again with him, for sure! Very professional, good english he knows the zone, the hostels, the people. I felt in good hands the hole trip.

And I really feel that he and also other Nepali guides will give their lifes for you, the hole culture and people in the mountain is amazing. An experience that everybody that is adventurous should live!


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