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Namaste, my name is Suman. I come from lower part of Manaslu region. I speak three languages fluently, Nepali, English and Hindi with little bit of Thai. I did my schooling in Nepal and India and college in Thailand. My experience in tourism field is relatively low, compared to senior guides who have been working in this field for decades. I started my career as a government licensed mountain guide in 2014 when I returned back from Thailand. Being an outdoor junkie. I am glad to have found a work that I love doing. I love exploring new places and meeting new people. My aim as a human is to give back to nature as much as I can.
Trip with me is going to be a tough one since our group will have to bring back all the non recyclable waste back with us to the city to depose it (of course with the help of our team).

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2 replies
  1. Hi Suman, Would you do a Kanchenjunga BC trek?

  2. Hi vibek, I have not done Kanchenjunga till now. However it is possible to arrange to go there.

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