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Langtang Valley Trek Sahdev Rana Magar Sahdev Rana Magar 13 days $338 $85
Tsum Valley Trek Sahdev Rana Magar Sahdev Rana Magar 17 days $408 $102

About Sahdev

Started as a porter on mountain with parents , after a years became a guide .

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  1. bishwo

    how to get training for guide

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  2. Hello , hope you doing well? I am from Mumbai, we are two people, will like to go for the 3 passes & EBC trek from 25th of October starting from jiri.
    Please let me know if you are free to take our booking. We will be reaching Kathmandu on 19th October.
    Please message me your contact number

    Thanks & Regards
    Sanket Patil

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