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Manaslu Circuit Trek Rajesh Neupane Rajesh Neupane 21 days $1145
Tsum Valley Trek Rajesh Neupane Rajesh Neupane 21 days $1175
Tsum Valley Trek Rajesh Neupane Rajesh Neupane 21 days $1155
Langtang Valley Trek Rajesh Neupane Rajesh Neupane 8 days $457

About Rajesh

Hi All,

He is Mr.Rajesh Neupane from Northern part of Nepal,Manaslu Trek. He has started trekking since 1998 being as a porter.Within couple of year(2000) he started doing as an assistant guide because of customer feedback.Then within a year he promoted as a full guide.He has done First Aid training,Guide Training,Rock Climbing,Customer service training etc.He has extremely fluent English,learning Chinese and Germany.

During his working period he has already done most of the possible trek and group size.He has done successfully from single person to above 20 people at the same time. He had climbed Island peak in 2005 with Italian and Swiss group successfully.

The most important thing is he is very liberal with customer,understand feelings,always encourage for success,very informative,well known about safety and best price.Now it is on your hand how special holiday do you wanna make it in Nepal.Thanks,Good Luck!!!

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2 replies
  1. Khairil

    The traditional Nepalese satple food, especially in the mountains is Dhal Bhat. It consists of black lentils (Dal), steamed rice (Bhat), most times a seasonal curried vegetable and potato, and a small portion of chutney. It is usually eaten twice a day, everyday. Food is served on stainless steel plates and mixed and eaten using your right hand as the left hand is considered dirty because of the use of squat toilets. Utensils have become commonly available for tourists though. There are also various other foods like Thukpa (a Tibetan style vegetable noodle soup), and Momo (a vegetable or combination dumpling that is either steamed if small or fried if large like a calzone). Most other Indian foods, pizzas, etc. are also available in larger villages and cities as an attempt to satisfy foreign tastes. Breakfast might be porridge, chapati (unleavened flat bread) and egg, or muesli with curd. Tea is also very big; black, ginger, lemon (sea-buckthorn) are a few.

  2. Rob McHenry


    Hi Rajesh,

    My friend and I are planning on doing the manaslu Trek starting around the 19-20th of this month. We both have experience trekking at high altitude and we were wondering if it is possible to do the trek at this time of year without camping gear, given the lodges in Larkya Phedi and Bimtang are closed in late December and is it actually nessecary to take crampons?

    Could you guide this trek and help provide permits for this trek at this time of year?

    Thank you so much for your help.


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