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Passang was born and raised in Yuksam village, spending most of his childhood in the lush forests of the majestic Himalayas. His attraction and fascination for nature came at a very young age. One of his most vivid early memories involves attempting a secret walk to Dzongri to have a peak at the world’s third highest mountain at the tender age of eight!

This fascination only increased his appreciation of his home country and its unique culture, heritage and natural beauty. To fulfil his passion for mountains he found himself working as a guide and never looked back since. He has over fifteen years of experience working as guide for visitors from all around the world.

Passang is a highly respected member of his community, within his colleagues and tour operators around the Himalayas. He brings considerable amount of enthusiasm, professionalism in his work and has no hesitation in going to great depths to satisfy his guests. He also loves a good game of volleyball, enjoys soccer and also has a good eye for photography. Check out what his guest had to say about Passang in the testimonials.

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6 replies
  1. Hi Passang, do you guide around Kanchenjunga area?

    • Hi Vivek,

      Yes, Yuksam is my hometown and Kanchendzonga is literally at our door step. We can definitely organize a trek for you to see Kanchendzonga.



  2. Hi Passang,
    Can you pass me your email ID/contact number?
    I would like to discuss the trek plan with you.

    • My e Id, . Phone n 9775143680 . Passang

    • Hub has ben sitting here while I am pecking at keyboard. Insists that I make theses asap.Ok, now I have 4 new recipes to try this week. I loved reading your posts for the cure.thank yot!iautgtff at centurytel dot net

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