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Bhutan Kunzang Norbu Kunzang Norbu 14 days $3830
Bhutan Kunzang Norbu Kunzang Norbu 12 days $3280
Bhutan Kunzang Norbu Kunzang Norbu 11 days $3340

About Kunzang

My name is Kunzang Norbu. I was born in the central region of Bhutan. Where the culture and the history are vibrant and the land is beautiful in Bhutan. I grew up hearing the stories of the places around me form no other than my father who is a Tourist Guide to . I began my career as a tour guide after working with my father in his tour company. Which enabled me expand my knowledge and explore the world, which made me appreciate beauty of my country.

For more than a decade now, I spent my good years working as a tour guide, mountain biker, and photographer with various tour operators in Bhutan. It was a incredible experience meeting tourists from every corner of the world as well as gaining my own experience travelling to several places. I love to travel and have been some parts of Asia.

Travel to gain new experience in life, enjoying local living style, or even indulge yourself on luxury holidays, and taking photo with like-minded people.

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