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Mr. Keshab Sapkota is one of the loyal guides of our company. He lives in Baramchi v.d.c 9, Sindhupalchwok and has been mountains trekking guide since age of 18. He has about 17 years long experience in trekking guide and mountaineering guide with different large company in Nepal. He joined our company since our company establish. He has trekked in most of the trekking routes in Nepal. He also has trekked in restricted areas in Nepal. He knows all adventure activities in Nepal. He is very experienced and knowledgeable guide. He has authorized trekking guide license and certificate given by government.

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  1. Ed Watson

    Are you available to do the Manaslu circuit with me and my partner (just 2 people). Ideally leaving Kathmandu the morning of Wednesday 18th September and returning Thursday 3rd October?

    We would only like the cost of a guide for this trek and the relevant permits required. We will happily arrange payment of the accommodation on the way.

    We are also happy to take public transport to/from Kathmandu to the start of the trek.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Kind regards,

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