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Dinesh came to Trek Nepal eight years ago. Having already accumulated five years of trekking and guiding experience, Trek Nepal was eager for Dinesh to come on board. He hails from Basa, which is located in the Everest Region of Nepal. In 2010, Dinesh completed a B.S. in Economics from Saraswati College of Kathmandu. His passion for being in the mountains could not be diminished, and he has sought out trainings and certificates to improve his craft.

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Wonderful trek, a bit off the beaten track

Reviewed on Apr 11, 2014.

Our Trek with Dinesh—Annapurna Dalghieri—was spectacular. Stunning scenery and amazing views of the mountains every day, we especially enjoyed the days on the smaller footpaths a bit away from the beaten track, a great choice. Very well taken care of by Dinesh from our arrival in Kathmandu until our departure, we enjoyed trekking with our team and left wanting more. Hopefully we will have another opportunity to go back before too long!

A good guide makes a fantastic trip

Reviewed on Mar 14, 2014.

I am officially back at work for my first day after an absolutely amazing trip to Nepal. I have had the luxury of travelling extensively and have to say this is the most rewarding trip I have ever experienced and don’t say this lightly. Dinesh has the greatest approach and is sincerely passionate about the outdoors, Nepal and his clients. I’m a million miles an hour and i’m first to acknowledge this but he picked this up very quickly and we worked well together. His honesty and sincerity was second to none and from the first pick up at Kathmandu airport to the drop off everything was smooth and made simple by a very slick operation. Sujitha at Trek Nepal was bombarded with a million questions and was very thorough in assisting me.

I would personally like to thank you Dinesh for making this the best trip of my life – I know our paths will cross again and feel privileged to having shared the experience with you and your team.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and be safe 🙂



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