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Namaste and greetings from the Himalayan country of Nepal.

To help you get to know me better. I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I became a trekking guide.

I am unmarried and live in Pokhara. My home village where I grow up is called Serachour and is in the region of the Annapurna Himalayan. My family still lives there.

My first trekking work was being a porter in 2004. I trained with the Pokhara Tourism Training Centre and his majesty’s government of Nepal Ministry of Culture Tourism Civil Aviation to become a professional governmental licensed guide. My guide training consisted of two parts.1- the theoretical course lasted for three months and provided the general information mainly about the topography, culture, scenery the history zoology, first aid, training with board information how to recognize and treat altitude sickness, rescue and other associated topics and 2- After the theoretical part that was 45 days in length include rock climbing as well as camping organization.

I started to work for a company first as an assistance guide accompanying with a senior group leaders after many trips into various regions.
I escorted my first group as a senior guide in 2007. This is my 10 years as either a senior guide of independent trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal.

I became an independent guide because during the period I worked as a guide for other trekking companies. I saw a lot mishandling of clients

and trekking staff because of the tight competition among trekking agencies. Working independently was a risky decision for me because big companies are able to attract many tourists through their advertisement. Being an independent trekking guide I am able to work directly with my clients and provide them quality services. I emphasis to have clear understanding between us while having adventure and I will jointly plan your visit and trek together via email and through these email we will also become friends.

Your safety and well being are at the top of my priority. I will create a trek or tour that meets both interests and needs. I am able to handle all the logistic of your trip from meeting you at the airport to make reservations at guest house/hotel arranging bus and air transportation and most importantly to over see every details of trek in our amazing mountains. It is importance in Nepal be everything you want it to be.

Please write to me if you have more questions about me that I have not addressed here in this little piece about me. (DAMODAR ADHIKARI, ANKIT.)

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13 replies
  1. Good afternoon, Damodar!

    We are looking for a guide who could hold our small group of Manaslu track. We arrive on October 22 in Kathmandu and we plan on October 24 to begin our route.
    Please let us know if you can work with our group? We were 3 people. The tour lasts for 14 days.

  2. Kirsty Lee

    Hi Damodar!

    My husband and I are looking forward to our visit to Nepal. I’ve been dreaming about this visit for a very long time. We’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on 4th March 2016. We ‘re interested in the Annapurna Circuit Trek to Jomsom with a few side trips (ice lake and some of your beautiful villages/wildlife). Ideally, back in KTM for a few days before Holi. So, we would like to start a conversation about this trip with you with a hope for you to be our guide. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
    All the best,

    Kirsty & Jason

  3. Caroline

    Hi Damodar!

    My partner and I are arriving in KTM on March 30th, and hope to leave for the Annapurna Circuit trek in early April. We are hoping for a more flexible trek, with a more personalized itinerary (with side trips to see lakes, villages, or other sights), ending in Pokhara. If you could please email me back as soon as possible, I would really appreciate it!


    • Hello caroline how are you?welcome to nepal. i am sorry for late reply .i was mail from my email yesterday have you get it? if you guys give me chance to guiding for you i will be happy to guiding for you guys for a long trip .i am waiting for your possitive reply .thank you.

  4. Ruth Murray

    We are in Nepal for 7/8 days in May and would like to do some short treks if possible. We have been given your details from a friend. Can you let us know your availability and if we need to come to Pokhara and if so what the best way of getting there is.

    • Hello ruth murray how are you ? i am sorry for late reply .i was reply yesterday from my email have you get them . it is possible to do short trek in thtat time i am free. if you guys give me the chance to guide with you .i am ready to guiding for you. i am waiting your possitive reply than k you .

  5. Hi Damodar, Would you do a Kanchenjunga BC trek?

  6. Nima

    I am Planning to come to Nepal in 3 days and I would of course like to go for a hike. Since it is my first time there I decided to start with something shorter. I like to go to Annapurna-Khopra Danda and possibly to the lake after. I think this can be done in 10 days? I would like to go with a mixture of Camping and tea house. Mostly camp but maybe couple of times in a tea house just for a shower and internet.Lets say I go alone, What is the cost I am looking for? Basically a guid like you or anyone, I guess a porter, Camping equipment and permits.
    Thanks a lot

  7. Hello,
    I am currently based in Pokhara and looking for a guide and trekking partner to trek the Annapurna’s to Muktinath. Looking at the 21st October but am flexible on the leave date.
    If you are available – would you be free to meet in Pokhara to discuss?
    my post here:http://www.trekkingpartners.com/requests/annapurna-to-kabeni-muktinath/

  8. Hi! I am looking for a guide for the Three Passes Trek around Everest for a group of 3. We are looking for a guide to trek with us for 18 days. We are all experienced trekkers but need help crossing the 3 high passes. If you’re available from April 10th to April 27th, we’d love to discuss the opportunity of having you as our guide =) Please let me know!

  9. Hi! I am looking for a guide for a group of 3 for the Three Passes Trek around Everest. We are hoping to do the trail in about 18 days starting April 10th to April 28th. We are all experienced trekkers. Please let me know if you are available! We hope to work with you!

  10. Hi Domadar, are you qualified as a climbing guide or can you recommend a climbing guide in the Pokhara area? I am organizing a custom climb of Thapa Peak – 9 days on starting Oct 31. Please advise of you interest.

  11. Luca

    Hi Damodar,
    we’re arriving in Kathmandu on March 18th, we’re looking for a guide for the Manaslu trek. We are a group of 2. Could you be our guide?


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