Chang Helen

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Departed Route Guide Duration Price
Three Passes Trek Chang Helen Chang Helen 20 days $2050
Mera Peak Chang Helen Chang Helen 15 days $2500

About Chang

Mrs. Chang Helen came from Taiwan, She has joined with the company in Nepal since 2013. She is well trained, experience staff for the company. She has more than 10 years experience in this trekking and tours field. She plays a vital role to run an office for the Trekking. She is working as Overseas Marketing officer and Tour Guide for the company. She always thinks a good service and service to the clients. It is our pleasure to have a Chang Helen for the Company.

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  1. Fauzan

    I am looking for a Dust Chute Assembly, #514-0070-54, for a plbratoe planer, Mod #TP400LS. This is a Delta 12 1/2 plbratoe planer.I’ve called 6-7 numbers and I get the run-around and to call ANOTHER number.Is this assembly still in existance and where?

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