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2 replies
  1. Namaste Mr. Bharat Adhikari,

    My name is Peter, from Singapore, and I would like to do the Manaslu Trek. I will arrive in Kathmandu on 11th November and wish to begin my journey to Gorkha on 13th November, with 12th November used for obtaining permits. I do not require a porter for the trek.

    – Would you be agreeable to doing the Manaslu Trek starting 13th November?

    – You have listed a rate of USD$15/day on the Trekking Partners website, I was wondering whether this already includes your costs for food/drinks? What other additional costs will I need to foot for you?

    – My biggest issue that I am travelling alone but I understand that at least 2 people are required to go on the Manaslu Trek. I am currently in contact with a Spanish guy intending to do the trek. Do you happen to know anyone else interested in doing the trek?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Peter Koh

  2. Mark

    Namaste. Me and my wife need someone to accompany/guide us and to arrange all the necessary permits on the Manaslu, Tsum Valley & Nar Phu hikes beginning sometime near April 23. We anticipate taking around 25 days to cover these areas. Are you interested? Thanks

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