Going trekking in Nepal? We've listed the 12 best treks for 2016 based on popularity, scenery, culture, and price. Find out which trek is right for you!

1 Manaslu Circuit Trek

Camping along the Manaslu Circuit, by Alex Treadway

Dubbed the "New Annapurna Circuit", the Manaslu Circuit Trek has seen a rise in popularity since 2010 when it officially became a 'teahouse' trek. Prior to that, you had to camp.


Given its dramatic valleys and superb mountain views that rival any other trek in Nepal - but without the crowds (yet) - this trek is at the top of our list.

The route circumnavigates Mt. Manaslu (8,156 m), the 8th highest mountain in the world, reaching its highest point at Larkya Pass which offers unhindered views of Manaslu.


Tsum Valley opened for trekking in 2007, is a popular extension to the Manaslu Circuit which branches off to the east, adding an extra 5 days to your trek. At the head of Tsum Valley lies the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Mu (affiliated with FPMT) where you can spend a night.


A minimum of two trekkers are required for a permit for the Manaslu Circuit, so be sure to check our partner listings to find a trekking partner.


Manaslu Circuit Trek | kimkim
Check out prices and let a local expert plan your trek for you.
Manaslu Trek Information
A wealth of information on the Manaslu Circuit, as well as shared jeep departures.
Manaslu Trail Race
Interested in running the Manaslu Circuit? Check this out: a tough seven-stage mountain running race through stunning high-altitude scenery.


Style Teahouse Trek
Max. Elevation 5100m
Trip Start Aurughat or Gorkha
Trip Finish Besisahar
Guide Required
Required Permits ACAP ($20), MCAP ($20), RAP ($10/day)

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2 Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Rara Lake Trek, Trekking in Nepal

It's wild, remote and one of the least densely populated regions of Nepal.


Mt. Kanchenjunga, at 8,586m, straddles Nepal's eastern border with Sikkim and Tibet; this is Nepal's second highest peak and the third highest in the world.

You have a few treks to choose from which take you to Kanchenjunga's north and south base camps and around the Kanchenjunga Circuit. Kanchenjunga, itself, looms as a huge massif overhead flanked by five subsidiary peaks. Keep your eyes open for musk deer, blue sheep, red panda and the tracks of snow leopards along the way.

Culturally, the Kanchenjunga region is home to the Rai and Limbu ethnicities of Tibetan descent, whose rural villages you pass through along the way. It wasn't until 1988 that this region opened for trekking.


Get help with planning

If you'd like help planning a trek to Kanchenjunga, request to get in touch with Jamie McGuinness over at kimkim.com. He can help organize and plan your trek around Manaslu, as well as your overall trip to Nepal.


Kanchenjunga Trek Information
Helpful information on trekking to Kanchenjunga by Sue and Howard Dengate.


Style Teahouse (Remote)
Max. Elevation 5134m
Trip Start Taplejung
Trip Finish Taplejung
Guide Required
Required Permits RAP ($30), KCA ($20)

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Trip Reports

3 Upper Mustang Trek

Hiking through Upper Mustang

Cast your eyes north up the Kali Gandaki basin and behold the former desert Kingdom of Mustang, a starkly beautiful river valley that pours down from Tibet.


A culturally (and geopolitically) sensitive area, it wasn't until 1992 that Upper Mustang opened for trekking, and a restricted area permit is still required. More similar to Tibet in culture and landscape, it's the preserved 16th century Buddhist monasteries, the caves carved into sheer cliff walls, and the Tiji festival in Lo Manthang that draw trekkers north.

The catch: you have to buy a minimum 10-day permit for $500, and guide is required. Most trekkers fly to Jomson from Pokhara and start the trek from there. The flight itself alone is worth doing, flying above the deepest gorge in the world between Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri.


Two paths run parallel on either side of the Mustang Valley which were ancient trade routes used by caravans bring salt down from Tibet in exchange for crops grown at lower elevations.


Get help with planning

If you'd like help planning a trip to the Upper Mustang, request to get in touch with Kim Bannister over at kimkim.com. He can help organize and plan your trek around Manaslu, as well as your overall trip to Nepal.



Style Teahouse (Remote)
Max. Elevation 4230m
Trip Start Jomsom
Trip Finish Jomsom
Guide Required
Required Permits ACAP ($20), RAP

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4 Three Passes Trek

Lhotse Wall from Chukhung Ri

High altitude, the world's tallest peaks, steeped in history and Sherpa culture - this is the trek that Nepal is famous for.


Despite the crowds (just go during the shoulder season), trekking through the Solo Khumbu via Kongma La, Cho La and Renjo la (the Three Passes) is undeniably one of the best treks in the world. Vantage points of up to 5550m (Chokhung Ri), bringing you face to face with the tallest mountain in the world, and the history of climbing Everest make this trek a must at some point in your life.

Although Everest Base Camp may be the prime attraction (although it only comes to life in Spring), the Three Passes trek takes you through all the highlights of the Solo Khumbu, allows for better acclimatization and gives you a glimpse into the life of the Sherpa people.


The Three Passes loop officially starts and ends in Namche Bazaar, and you can trek from either direction. Some find the passes easier to tackle counter-clockwise.


Get help with planning

If you'd like help planning your trek around the Three Passes, request to get in touch with Jamie McGuinness over at kimkim.com. He can help organize and plan your trek around Manaslu, as well as your overall trip to Nepal.


5 Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri from a distance by Greg Willis

High altitude, the world's tallest peaks, steeped in history and Sherpa culture - this is the trek you that epitomizes trekking in Nepal.


Just west from the Annapurna Circuit lies the Dhaulagiri Circuit, one of Nepal's most challenging treks available to the common trekker in Nepal.

Challenging because you spend three days at over 5000m on a snow field susceptible to white outs. Rewarding, given its diversity of landscape, carving a route beneath sheer cliff walls along Dhaulagiri's western flank before ascending two 5000m+ passes for unobstructed views of the entire Annapurna Range.

Although a guide is optional for this trek, it's highly recommended that you have prior mountaineering experience and to bring along crampons, ice-axes and rope (available in Kathmandu) incase needed during the glacier crossing. If you go with a trekking agency or local guide, check that they have a good reputation.

No doubt this trek is more challenging than the rest and not for everyone, but it ranks high on our list and is a respected favourite amongst local Nepali guides.


This trek can be done both clockwise and counter-clockwise, although clockwise allows for better acclimatization.


Get help with planning

If you'd like help planning a trek around the Dhaulagiri Circuit, request to get in touch with Jamie McGuinness over at kimkim.com. He can help organize and plan your trek around Manaslu, as well as your overall trip to Nepal.


A wealth of information on the Manaslu Circuit, as well as shared jeep departures.


Style Camping (remote)
Max. Elevation 5360m
Trip Start Darbang/Marpha
Trip Finish Darbang/Marpha
Guide Optional
Required Permits ACAP

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6 Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek

Poonhill, Annapurna Panorama Trek, Trekking in Nepal

Looking for a short trek that gets you high enough into the Himalaya? This is the one.


Established a few years ago, this new trek follows the well-trodden teahouse trek to Ghorepani and Poonhill, before deviating north, down into a densely forested valley, and then up a ridge called Khopra Dande to a single stone teahouse perched above the clouds, face-to-face with Dhaulagiri and Annapurna South.

You can spend the night here with the friendly caretaker and wake up early for sunrise on Dhaulagiri. A day more takes you farther up the ridge to a sacred Lake at 3880m, at the foot of Annapurna South.

On your way down to the hot springs at Tatopani - don't get too excited - you'll pass through rural stone villages amidst terraced rice fields yet untouched the buzz of tourism.

A teahouse at the foot of the ridge was still being built and we didn't see a single other trekker after Poonhill. It's starting to be promoted now by a few trekking agencies, Trek Nepal being one of them, so go soon before it gets more developed.


You could start this trek from Tatopani or from Nayapul. It's more gradual from coming from Nayapul but if you're finishing the Annapurna Circuit you can gain this ridge in a day.


Get help with planning

If you'd like help planning a trek up Khopra Dande ridge, request to get in touch with Alex Buri over at kimkim.com. He can help organize and plan your trek around Manaslu, as well as your overall trip to Nepal.



Style Teahouse Trek
Max. Elevation 3210m
Trip Start Nayapul
Trip Finish Tatopani
Guide Optional
Required Permits ACAP, TIMS

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Trip Reports

7 Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek, Trekking in Nepal

Perhaps the most popular trek in Nepal, the Annapurna Circuit entails a 100-mile plus circumnavigation of the Annapurna Range.


Known for its range of diversity, from jungle to high alpine, you pass through ethnic villages with great views of the Annapurnas, Macchupucchre, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Langtang Himal.

Its popularity is proof that you won't be disappointed, but also a good reason to do this trek in the shoulder season to avoid the crowds.

Despite the controversy over continuing road construction deeper into the circuit, this is still one of Nepal's great treks. It offers a gentler acclimatization process, and many do this trek before heading over to Everest Base Camp.


A visit Tilicho Lake, a day-trip half-way around the circuit to a 4950m pristine alpine lake.



A wealth of information on the Manaslu Circuit, as well as shared jeep departures.

8 Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek, Trekking in Nepal

Tucked away in West is Nepal's largest lake, surimg-responsive rounded by Pine, Spruce and Juniper forest.


It's said that more species of bird nest around Rara lake than the number of trekkers that visit here each year.

The trek begins in Jumla (1 hr+ flight from Kathmandu) and takes you off the beaten path through black bear and musk deer habitat, through rural villages, before rising up atop the hills to the lakeshore of Rara at 2990m.


You can also start this trek from Nepalgunj. Form more information and connecting tries, check out Great Himalaya Trail's Rara and Jumla section



Style Remote (Camping)
Max. Elevation 3200m
Trip Start Jumla
Trip Finish Simikot
Guide Required
Required Permits

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9 Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Sanctuary by Shakawat Ishty

Also known as the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, this trek takes you deep into the mountains to the amphitheatre of the Annapurnas.


Your destination is Annapurna Base Camp, as historic a place as Everest Base Camp itself.

Often combined with the Annapurna Circuit Trek and a visit to Ghandruk and Ghorepani, this trek follows a river basin which takes you amphitheatre. After the Annapurna Circuit, this is the next most popular trek in the Annapurna region.



Style Teahouse Trek
Max. Elevation 4130m
Trip Start Nayapool
Trip Finish Nayapool
Guide Optional
Required Permits ACAP, TIMS

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10 Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Base Camp Trek by John Town

Known for its rural farming villages and a diversity of flora and fauna, the area receives few trekkers due to its relative inaccessibility.


Starting at 400m in Tumlingtar along the banks of the Arun River, you'll need strong legs to carry you for an elevation gain of 5120m to reach Makalu Base Camp. A rustic teahouse trek (don't expect deep-fried snickers bars), you'll find yourself at the foot of Mt. Makalau (8485m), the world's 5th highest mountain, with Lhotse (8,516m), Everest (8,850m), Baruntse (7,220m) and Chamlang (7,319m) not far off.

It is a culturally rich perspective on Nepal best suited for people who have been trekking in Nepal before.

Get help with planning

If you'd like help planning a trek to Makalu Base Camp, request to get in touch with Jamie McGuinness over at kimkim.com. He can help organize and plan your trek around Manaslu, as well as your overall trip to Nepal.


Check out Sathya's trek report for Makalu Base Camp (2012).


Style Remote (Teahouse)
Max. Elevation 5517m
Trip Start Tumlingtar
Trip Finish Tumlingtar
Guide Optional
Required Permits TIMS

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11 Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek, Trekking in Nepal

Crystal Mountain, snow leopards and the endless travails of Peter Matthiessen and George Schaller conjure up romantic notions of this remote, Buddhist pocket of Nepal.


The villages, gompa’s and people you meet during this trek will leave an unforgettable impression on you. The trekking brings you to Shey Gompa, which is often referred to as the spiritual heart of Upper Dolpo. It’s a magical place situated at the base of Crystal Mountain. Similar to Mount Kailash in Tibet, hundreds of pilgrims visit Crystal Mountain each year to circumnavigate the mountain in act of prayer.

You have to cross three high passes, Nagdalo La (5350m), Shey La (5000m) and Jeng La (5110m). These crossings involve long climbs and long descends. With multiple days above 4000m, this trek is not for the faint of heart. But the unforgettable landscapes, the views from the passes and the contact with a very special untouched culture make it all worth it.



Like Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo is a restricted area requiring a minimum 10-day permit for $500. Group trekking is required.

Get help with planning

If you'd like help planning your trek to Uppder Dolpo, request to get in touch with Kim Bannister over at kimkim.com. He can help organize and plan your trek around Manaslu, as well as your overall trip to Nepal. She has led numerous groups through this region over the past decade.


Style Remote (Camping)
Max. Elevation 5350m
Trip Start Juphal
Trip Finish Juphal
Guide Required
Required Permits RAP

Find a Guide

12 Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek, Trekking in Nepal

Perhaps overlooked by most trekkers for its lower altitude, Langtang combines beautiful landscapes with a cultural journey through Nepal.


Easily accessible from Kathmandu, the Langtang Valley trek is a relatively shorter, lower-altitude trek that curls its way up a valley to a basin at the foot of Langtang Ri (7205m), close to the border of Tibet.

It's known for its diverse vegetation and villages more than spectacular mountain views, but still offers a great vantage point of Langtang Ri and views of the Annapurnas and Makalu.


You can combine the Langtang Valley trek with Helambu valley and Gosainkund lakes, which is why this trek can range up to 21 days.


Style Teahouse Trek
Max. Elevation 4700m
Trip Start Syaphru Besi
Trip Finish Syaphru Besi
Guide Optional
Required Permits TIMS

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152 replies
  1. Moderator

    As a number of people have inquired about the Annapurna/Dhaulagiri Panorama trek, here’s a brief outline of the route:

    You follow the exact same route to Ghorepani/Poon Hill but then you deviate from there.

    As you head downhill from Ghorepani the next morning, after 30-45 min. you take a trail to your right that leads down into the valley instead of following the normal trail out toward the main Annapurna Circuit trail.

    This trail descends down into the valley bottom through villages and rice fields from where you catch another trail that takes you zig-zagging up the ridge to Khopra Dande (3600m) on the opposite side of the valley.

    At Khopra Dande, you’ll spend the night and have the option of doing a full-day hike the next day to a lake (Khayer Lake) at the foot of Annapurna South. If the weather is good and you have the time, I would take at least one full day at Khopra to enjoy the views and hike around farther up the ridge.

    Leaving Khopra, there is a trail that follows the ridge line down (a different trail than the one you came up), passing through other villages and finally arriving at Tatopani, which is along the main Annapurna Circuit route.

    From Tatopani, it’s easy to catch a bus back to Pokhara (although you’ll have to switch buses at some point and possibly share a microvan). Tatopani also has outdoor developed hot springs, but don’t get too excited.

    Before you start your trek, best to have a local guide/agency trace the route on your map and then ask for directions often along your way, especially for the trailhead out of Ghorepani and for the trailhead from the valley floor up toward Khopra. It would have been hard to find that trail at those two points if I had not asked for directions.

    • I am very interested in doing the base camp at Kanchanjanga /Everest ..which s good one for a beginner? I am a Marathoner and am in good shape .Also I will be low on days that I can spend 15-17 days max! Can you recommend?

    • Can i have your contact and email ? I am interesting to go nepal in this december

    • Just finished the Manaslu/Tsum Valley Trek n Nv 8, 2015 and can say the th route is much more difficult due to walk a rounds in the slide areas lower in the trek. I would give it 3-1/2 to 4 on the difficulty scale. All areas are now open, most guest houses are functioning and food is not a problem. Really a spectacular trek but be very fit before you tackle this one!

    • Hi! I was wondering if the Helambu trek is doable in March… Has anyone been in the region lately? I would like to do a 5 days trek with my parents, so was looking for something easy to do from Kathmandu. Any other suggestion welcomed! Thanks 🙂

    • What about Kailash and Manasarovar?

    • Hi Alex, I’m keen to do the Panorama trek in December and I’m finding it difficult to contact you via kimkim, what’s the best way to organise the walk?

    • KAilash Mansarovar is in China. FOr trek, you will reach Simikot, Humla of Nepal by flight from Nepalgunj, after 4-6 days trek you will reach China Border. Then you can catch a vehicle to Mansarovar. its a wonderful journey and you can enjoy Rakshyak (Demon) Lake on the way.

    • I am very interested in doing the Kanchanjanga base camp trek

  2. Shanta Gurung

    missing Tsho Rolpa glacier lake Dolakha

    • Shanta, I haven’t heard of this trek. Sounds like it takes you to one of Nepal’s largest lakes. What’s the route like? How many days?

  3. Dennis

    The Everest Base Camp trek is missing in this post =/

    • Hi Dennis. We included EBC as part of the Three Passes Trek, as we recommend this trek if people have the time. It includes all the highlights of the Solu Khumbu and gives you a better appreciation of the region. But you’re right, EBC is the most popular trek in Nepal after the Annapurna Circuit.

  4. Enish Rai

    I want to do the ABC trek in 7 days and also include poon hill in it. Is it possible to do that if yes can I get the iternirary please?

    • Yes it is possible but you need to walk atleast 10 hours daily. In four days you can reach ABC via Poonhill, Tadapani and on your return you can get back to pokhara in two days.

    • ‘ yes we can do it

  5. Govinda

    Dear Alex, my point of view to do Annapurna Dhaulagiri trek from Kusma. I mean drive from pokhara then continue drive to Banau then start trekking 1st over night in banau 2nd day salija 3rd day phulbari 4tha day swatha m 5th day chistibung 6th day Khopra dada 7th day to tatopani.
    with best regards
    Govinda Poudel


    I am from malaysia. i would like to have 8 days trackkeing for my group consist of 5 to 7 people. And would like to have treck on snow moutain on my last day teckking and good green view, possble lake.
    pls advice the teckking route and the cost

    • I recommend Annapurna Base Camp trek for your time period. Regarding cost you can google it 😀

    • check out namastebuddhaadventure.com . I have used them and found them to be excellent!

    • i strongly recommend you to do gokyo renjo-la pass trekking which includes truly best panoramic view of mount everest,cho-oyu and makalu and amazing 5 gokyo lakes

    • i strongly recommend you to do gosaikunda there have so many lakes that’s area around 108 lakes and you can see Tibet border langtang mountain that’s trekking around 6-7 days if you want to came in Nepal saya tau cekp malayu.kalau you mari sini pange saya.

    • Tilichu lake trek – 6 nights & 7 days

      Day 1: Ktm-Manang via four wheeler (18-20hrs)

      Day 2: Manang arrival – Acclamatization all day

      Day3: Manang – Khangsar (trek 4-5hrs)

      Day4: Khangsar – Tilichu base camp (trek 5-6 hrs, 4800 mtrs)

      Day 5: Tilichu base – tilichu lake – tilichu base (trek 6-7 hrs, 5200 mtrs)

      Day 6: Tilichu base camp – Manang (8-9 hrs trek)

      Day 7: Manang – Ktm via four wheeler (18-20 hrs)

      Cost: US $ 900-1400 per pax depending on the total number of pax

      Cost includes:
      – Required permits
      – Vehicle (land cruiser / prado)
      – Accommodation & veg meals in trekking routes
      – 2 nights Accommodation in Kathmandu (5 star)
      – Experienced guide

      Cost excludes:
      – Travel insurance (rescue, medical & accidents)
      – Personal expenses (alcohol, cigarettes etc)

      For more in depth details please email to harvestmoon.expedition@gmail.com

    • i will recommend everest view trek is most beautiful trek.

  7. Tajirul Haque

    Amazing Images of best Treks in Nepal…
    These images make it clear why Nepal is a must-visit travel destination….

    • C’est super ce que vous faites ! Je suis tre8s heusuere de pouvoir contribuer e0 ame9liorer la vie de ces gens, par votre biais. J’espe8re avoir bientf4t l’occasion de voir (photos) les travailleurs de Kawah Ijen mieux e9quipe9s gre2ce e0 nos dons. Merci e0 vous !

  8. sukuaryal

    Missing here Mardi himal base camp trek. now days this is best trek in Annapurna area.

  9. Bungy Jump

    Nice blog for the beginners for the mountain trekking.

  10. EMILIE

    Hey there! Thanks for the helpful hints.
    Can you suggest a hike / trek for myself….
    I am not a well experienced hiker, however I would like to be challenged
    Maybe one NOT involving snow? Im planning mid year. Maybe avoid the cold?
    I want to see something TRULY amazing.
    Time frame wouldn’t be too much of a issue, I’d be happy to hike for two / three weeks PROVIDING…..

    There is camps set up a long the way, you know, perhaps a hot meal waiting

    ANY advice would be truly appreciated

    Thank you, from Emilie

    • I think Annapurna Circuit will be a good one for your experience level. Happy Trekking 😀

    • Dear Emille
      If you like to do some where trekking if you didn’t get any idea Rolwaling valley is really not crowded and if would you like to do yourself tent set up there is nice for you and food is only Dal Bhat as local people with local food they will provide you there, perhaps you need one porter guide.

      Yours Sicerely

      Nima Lapa Sherpa

    • adventure magic trek is best trekking company in Nepal.

  11. sylvia

    I have trekked few times in Nepal and would like to give my best view of trekking which is in Manaslu Circuit. Starts at Arughat at 600m and to cross highest point of 5150m which is the pass from Manaslu Conservation area in the East to Annapurna Conservation area in the West direction.
    I recommend this trail because it is still not exploited and less trekkers and very scenic all the way if the weather is fine. Best time is early May and end October.
    Trekking is best for your body mind & soul. Do it when you are able to.

  12. chittaranjan

    My dream treak

  13. Angela

    Me and my friend will reach Kathmandu on 20 September early morning at 08:05. We can spend 6 to 7 days in Kathmandu and would like to do some hiking/trekking. Is it possible to do Annapurna in 6 days? Can you please provide us with the quotes and let us know what is included? hope to hear from you soon.

    • you can easy take enjoy we will arrange this trek

    • Hi
      Welcome to Nepal, The land of the Himalaya! It is wonderful to be in Nepal in September because all the haze goes down and the sky and visibility are excellent.
      As for the trekking period, I would like to suggest you The Mardi Himal trek for about 7 days. This will be an excellent trekking destination for your time frame.
      If you would like to have such package from me please see below.
      Explore the unexplored Trekking in Annapurna Region!!
      Trek to Mardi Himal, there is a moderate type of Guest houses, So Global Adventure Trekking offer you lodge trekking in an open cozy lodge. Camping trek can be organizes and necessary crews will supply by Global Adventure Trekking if necessary. Because this is a newly opened trek, it can be one of the reasons why Mardi Himal trek is less busy. Mardi Himal is comparatively easy Trekking in Annapurna region. It is considered to be the perfect trekking destination if you do not have much time on hand to experience the wilderness trekking.

      Day 01 : Pokhara to Phedi by car and trek to Pothana 4 hrs.
      Day 02 : Trek to Forest Camp 2500m 5hrs.
      Day 03 : Forest Camp to Low camp 3170m 5hrs.
      Day 04 : Low camp to High camp 3620m 4hrs.
      Day 05 : Exploration day at high camp (optional trek 5000m for breathing taking views)
      Day 06 : High camp to Siding Village 7 hrs.
      Day 07 : Siding village to Ghatte-Pokhara O/N.
      Day 08 : Bus drive to Kathmandu 7 hrs.
      For detail itinerary please visit goo.gl/ayUZiQ

      425 USD per person. Cost Include…

      Annapurna Conservation entry permit ACA
      All Necessary Permits.
      Land transportation to and from (Pokhara to Pokhara)
      Accommodation in best available teahouses while trekking
      Experience English Speaking Insured Guide
      Airport picks up and drops off.
      Safe Drinking Water
      Full board Meals while in the trekking
      TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System)
      One night Hotel in Pokhara.

      Cost Exclude

      All kind of Drinks and personal expenses
      Clients personal Insurance and Tips
      Emergency evacuation by Helicopter, Airport tax and customs clearance and visa
      Alternative transportation in case of heavy rain, landslide, strike, road blockade etc.
      This all for now. Please feel free to ask any question you may have.

  14. maddy boston

    I will be traveling to Nepal for the first time December 4-25th. My friend and I are interested in doing one to two treks during our time there. Does anyone have recommendations that will be a good level (we were both collegiate athletes) but that still will be conscious of the cold weather/winter season? We’re stopping in Nepal as part of a RTW trip where most other locations are quite warm. We know we’ll have to bring clothes for colder weather but would love to avoid carrying around a winter parka for the entire year if possible :). Any recs for good treks on the relatively warmer side? Thanks!

    • You mean you looking for a some trekking for the organiser?
      Nima Lakpa Sherpa

    • Hi Maddy,
      You are planning to come Nepal the First time December 4-25th so you would like to do two Treks so there will be many options for organize in Dec so we have some trips in Dec and we are happy to organize your trip without problem so Please contact us for more information via email, thanks and Kind Regards Nabin Karki

    • dear maddy
      you are warm welcome for the Himalaya country Nepal. according to your plan Everest base camp trekking and Annapurna century trekking is the best idea and if you want to further info please sent me the mail.
      best regards
      hari basnet

  15. Gyanu Bhatta

    Namaste Maddy,

    I am a trekking leader since 1998. As per my experience, I would like to suggest you to do some short treks like; Poon Hill Ghorepani, Jomsom Muktinath are comparatively warmer than other treks because of it’s altitude. Normally Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp are also doing in December. Only you feel cold in the morning and in the evening but during the day time you feel warm. You do not need to wear such warm jackets when you are walking/ hiking.

    Thank you !

    • Thanks so much! I appreciate all the advice.

  16. Moondance

    is it rain alot in the end of July?

    • Hi Moondance. Outside of the dry pockets of Nepal, like Upper Mustang, yes it does rain a lot end of July and August.

  17. Christine

    which treks are best to take during march? is there too much snow to make the trails passable during March in some areas?

    • Hi Christine, Good question. Most trails are open for Spring trekking in Nepal but some of the higher passes may still be closed with snow…

    • Dear Christine
      We have in Nepal all people said in time in Nepal, but what kind of trekking would like to do please let us know which region?

      Annapurna Circuit
      Peak Climbing ?
      Everest Trekking with Peak Climbing ?
      Dhaulagiri Circuit with Pleak Climbing ?
      Till Man Coll Langtang Helanbu Panch Pokhari Trek?
      Gangja La Lagtang Helambu Trek ?
      Or easy/ moderate himalayn beyond scenery ?
      Cycling Tours Trek ?
      Village Culture living and alive life style?

    • There are many places are good with hill side Rhododendron flowering season as depend how long your holiday.
      Ghorepani Panorama Trek
      ABC Trek
      Annapurna Ciruits
      Everest Region

  18. Hey Alex, planning for a trek when i am back home on dec 15. Any trek in Nepal for intermediate hikers? for 5-7 days… 🙂

    • There’s the Singalila Ridge Trek (near Darjeeling) and the Goecha La Trek (starts from Yuksam, Sikkim). Both would be good for intermediate hikers but best to check what temperatures are like mid-December.

      I’ve done the Goecha La Trek which gets you close to the eastern flank of Kanchenjunga. Definitely one of my favourites, Amazing views along the way but cold at nights; I think it was winter when we did it, as well. You’re also required to take a guide on this trek, while I don’t believe you need a guide for the Singalila Ridge trek.

      Would you be going alone or do you already have a tennis partner lined up in Kolkata?

      Singalila Trek:
      Singalila Trek

      Goecha La Trek:
      Goecha LA


    • Dear Guest’s
      Annapurna Panorama Trek or Chisapani Nagarkot Trek would be nice for 5-7 days in Nepal.

      warm Regards Nabin

    • dear malini
      In Nepal here is different choice trekking either long days or short days. if you have only one weak left for the trekking so you can make ghorepani to ghandruk trekking where there is beautiful national park,awesome mountains views, where there is lovely ethnic culture and so more please try to visit there.
      hari basnet

  19. 1deirdre1

    I would like to do some trekking in january -february Which routes would be my best options in regards to weather conditions. I will have plenty of time but will be traveling on a budget

    • that time will be better everest base camp and easy and beautiful trek poonhill plz contact me

    • Hi If you are planning to trek in January -February Everest Base Camp or equally ABC or there will be many options in doing trek and i came to know you are Budget traveler so please contact me , i’ll manage as per your Budget .without any problem. Thanks and Kind regards Nabin

    • in that time i offer you helambhu trekking to the langtang also so you will know the real devastating from the earthquake as well as wonderful panorama mountains views.
      hari basnet

    • Hi ,
      in January and Feb , you can do treks in many options Annapurna, Everest Base Camp , Gokyo EBC Kalapathar, Annapurna Circuit , Kaligandaki and Annapurna Sunrise view Trek, so i came to know you are Budget traveler , i’ll organize as per your Budget please contact us via Himalayan Magic Treks. Thank you – Kind regards Nabin

    • Kalinchok Thingsang La via There are various of trekking route with Panoramic view of Mt. Gauri Shankar Khumbu Mahalangur, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu and widely South East and South West are Greenery hill with terraces farming village of Scenery offering for your eyes and photograph.
      There are long and short trekking route depend for your holiday widely northern side of the Himalayan border of Tibet or Lower part of short with village culture tour or as a your free mind

    • Everest base camp trek is one of the best if you have 14 days for your holidays, and second best would be annapurna trek.

  20. Bijay shah

    I want to visit all beautiful place in nepal which is in to 12 for treks

  21. Bijay shah

    I want to visit all place which is in nepal for treks most wonderfull place

  22. Marcel Verhoeff

    I am planning a three weeks trip to Nepal and reach the Everest base camp in march/april 2016.
    As we reached 5895 m. in 2013 in Africa, I wonder if we could try to exceed this altitude, on any Everest basecamp trek?

    • Hi Marcel,
      We are specialized for Everest Base Camp Trek organize for further information please contact us Himalayan Magic Treks , Thank you

    • dear marcel
      i am a specialist trekking guide for the Everest trekking trail. if you have that long holidays in nepal so you can make 3 passes and the climb to the island peak. i think that’s the good trekking and memorable destination in the himalayan . if you like please sent me the mail then we can talk more thank you.
      best regards
      hari basnet

    • Dear Marcel,
      I would like to salute and want say thanks and welcoming Nepal,I am trekking Guide since 2007,Now i have company but i do trekking,climbing please you you like do best service indirectly help Nepali community,I have certain percent of amount going our charity work for orphan,I will happy arrange trekking only you,or if you want go with group i have Indonesian lady want go Everest Base camp and Island peak please join them,further things please contract here:info@nepalhikingtrek.com

    • Hi,
      I am interested to reply your question here. You gain such an altitude in 2013 in Africa. Here I would like to recommend you Everest three pass trek, which will take about 16-17 days with some acclimatize days. If you are interested in my suggestion please email me back.

  23. Julie

    Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration. I am heading to Nepal on 1st Sept 2015 with my husband and 2 groovy kids (15yrs & 10yrs). We were intending on doing the Manaslu trek but unfortunately that is still looking impossible. Could anyone recommend a similar trek experience. My husband and I did the Annapurna Circuit 25yrs ago. It was totally amazing but far too many tourists now. Thanks for any help

  24. Nima Lakpa Sherpa

    Hi Julie,
    If you could not go until then you can go Rolwaling valley there is also such a beautiful trips for you. You can start from Barahbise or from Charikot some of varioustrekking route for you depend your holiday how long you want spend there.

    Yours Sincere;y.
    Nima Lakpa Sherpa

  25. Parvin

    Hi, am interested in doing Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek, in Dec. 2015 timeframe. Do you recommend doing it during that time of the year ? Also it will be great to get more people who are interested, please let me know if i can join in with a group. Best Regards.

    • Hi Parvin,
      we have a one client confirmed on the date of Dec 28th 2015 and He is from Germany , His plan is Nar – Phu Annapurna Tilicho + Thorang-la pass Trek , its really wonderful trip itinerary. if you are interesting to join with this please contact us any time. Thank you. Kind regards Nabin

    • Hello Nabin, sure am interested in joining in. how many days is the trek , Nar – Phu Annapurna Tilicho + Thorang-la pass Trek ? And do we need any permits. Thanks

  26. Nabin Karki

    Hello Parvin,
    Thanks for your reply so He arrive in Kathmandu on Monday, December 28th, at 11.30 am by Turkish Airlines and we have fixed the date for this tri Nar Phu Annapurna Tilicho Lake + Thorang-La pass with an Experienced Guide Mr. Chhiri so it needs permit for Nar Phu Specially and others part of trek is normal permit only ad his plan is fixed 25 days in total but you could make shorter if you don’t have that much time so further details please email us , i’ll reply you in details with cost , Thanks Kind regards Nabin

  27. Robbin

    Hi Everybody well come to Nepal! If any one interested to know any information about any trekking in Nepal you are welcome. I am professional Independent trekking guide since 1997. I have been 99% trekking area in Nepal. I will do my best with very reasonable price. Thank you.

  28. Matias

    Hi, during October is there any trekkings that are more likely to have better whether?


    • dear matias
      normally the whether will be fine in the October. but sometime can be bad whether in that case you have to choose annapurna trekking trail with mind blowing mountains views. if you like, we can organize your memorable trip in nepal please feel free for contact .
      best regards
      hari basnet

  29. Olga

    Hi! i wanna come to Nepal/north India for trekking (i have around 10-11 days for trek), mid October to beg of November. What would you recommend? is it safe to go alone for ABC? or should i better go to easer option?

    • Hi Olga,

      Thank you so much for your interest, Yes,it is safe to travel ABC, and there will not be any problem. But I would like to highly recommend you to take a guide because in mountain the weather can be change in anytime, and if you are alone and if you have any natural obstacles then there might be hard to manage. So if you have at least a guide, he will manage and make you comfort because he has many times in this situations.

  30. Bidur B Kuinkel

    ACAP Entry permit is required for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek (DCT)and please update it on permit required.

    • Thanks, Bidur. I’ll add it to the requirements.w

    • of many places in Nepal. The food itelsf is pretty simple so in terms of hygiene, handwashing with soap and water for all kitchen and serving staff would be a simple approach. As a guide, you can ask the lodge owners about this. Regarding trails see this:As in many places, many of those who would be porters are overseas working. Mules are less costly. What to do? This is the way people choose to do it there.

  31. Akash raya

    I am nepali staying overseas. I want to go for trekking for 7-10 days. Can anyone suggest me price and requirement. And also the appropriate month for trekking as i am planning for july.

  32. Salik

    No Akash, June-July is not the best time as it rains during this time. August onward it gets better. Price and cost will depend upon the place you wish to visit.

  33. Pradip Khadka

    Adventure with Community Programs
    GapNepal is no luxury holiday. It is a once in a lifetime experience with wide variety of community-based programs combined with adventure activities ranging from mountain trekking ,rafting rapids, jungle safaris, to village cultural experiences. Our destinations span Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. With GapNepal, you can tailor-make your ultimate dream adventure!

  34. phil van zuylen

    hi heading to nepal in april hope to do Manaslu trip is this a good time to go?? hope to see some tahr too as there are some here in NZ

    • Hello phil Van Zuylen,
      I would like to Thanks very much want to come Nepal Is best time april to go Manasalu trek,Please if you want further information email me personally:info@nepalhikingtrek.com
      I have been working trekking guide since 2007…

  35. bisnu koirala

    Hlo … I want a trek program for around 4/5 days…. can any1 recommend me which one is best for my plan ?? m alone and is from Nepal !!

  36. bisnu koirala

    Hlo … I want a trek program for around 4/5 days…. can any1 recommend me which one is best for my plan ?? m alone and is from Nepal !!!

  37. Roman Tunka

    Hi guys , I am new to this , can you shed a light on prices ? at least broad range , I was looking at -Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek- so was wondering how much i am looking at to pay.

    regards Roman

  38. Hi Alex, i’m planning to do the three passes trek this spring. I wanted to know if the trek is safe enough for a girl to do it alone.
    Thanks 🙂

  39. Nick

    Hi, my friends and I are planning to do Manaslu trek from middle of May to end of May 2016. Is that a good time to do the Manaslu trek and how difficult is the trek after the earthquake? How steep are the climbs and do you require special climbing gear? How physically fit do you need to be for Manaslu trek? Thank You!

  40. […] Everest’s summit, but that doesn’t preclude extreme adventure travelers from enjoying other challenges in the Himalayas. Still, if Everest is calling your name, you can test your mettle with a trek to Base Camp — […]

  41. edward jefferson

    If having some exhibition, you gotta do with someone so that you can have some fun while doing the journey and it did not go boring.

  42. Smit S C

    I have been camping only near by Forests., I wanna visit this awesome places and do camping in the Himalayan glaciers. <3 I m just 19 year young guy., Who wanna join me in this summer 2016.

    Happy to Reply u my friends.

  43. Smit S C

    I m a professional Adventurer. Love doing Hiking, trekking and other adventure sports. Actually i wanna make a photo film. And i m planning to go Nepal, visiting small villages, mountains, valleys and other basecamps.
    I’ll also write book on this. Just need one friend who can join me if he/she wants, Just a little support. I just wanna travel and explore Whole Nepal and Himalaya., and write all about it. Not yet decided when to go… so if u wanna join me than u r most welcome. Contact my email i check out regularly.

    • HI, Sounds cool, Trying to follow the above scenery.

  44. Saleem

    I like hikes with moderate difficulty, in a green, foggy mountainous environment. What time of the year and what trek would be a good one?

  45. Will

    Hello all,
    I am asking for assisstance. I am a complete beginner to trekking, however I have hiked extensively around Australia. My questions I have is:
    -What is the best time to trek in Nepal?
    -What is the best trek for a beginner, however still being a beautiful trek?
    -Is it better to go with a company or a guide, if you are on a tight budget?
    -How should I be preparing myself?
    -Any additional information for beginners
    Thank you <3

    • Hi Will, looks like you found your way over to kimkim.com. Look forward to helping you there!

    • First of all for will hey bro I’m from western part of nepal dat I can help you for upper dolpa treat with low cost as much as you can afford with home stay service if you are interested plz mail me I’m here for you …

  46. Jucktion

    The beauty of Nepal is astounding, too bad the politics drowns every progress. Otherwise a must visit trekking sites of the world.

    Thanks for sharing Alex.

  47. sukdev

    Namaste hello everyone I am from pokhara city, I am here working guide and tours for tourist, so If you are come in pokhara just contact me.
    from sukdev

  48. sushil naik

    Which all are the best possible treks to start in june first week? Grade – Easy to Mpderate

  49. Ramkumar Ganapathi

    Hii , which trek will u suggest for beginners in July end or august … A easy or moderate level trek would be better ….

    • Hello you can do it Poon hill trek just 4 to 6 days easy or moderate one .

    • Poon hill is a good one, but will be a little wet in July and August. People still go during the monsoon and enjoy it, but be sure to bring an umbrella. If you don’t mind spending on a flight, you could also fly from Pokhara to Jomsom and spend a few days hiking to the villages around Jomsom – less rain, as its in the rain shadow

  50. Krnnep

    Can you suggest me the best trek for me:
    1. duration 7-10 days
    2. time: june
    3. starting pont: kathmandu(preferably) or pokhara
    4. experience expected: contact with snow, mountains
    5. cost: NRS 10,000 to 15,000
    I am a nepali and i dont have visa or passport (which may be required for some treks extending into china)

    • Hi Krnnep – check out the Panchase trek out of Pokhara. That should be a good one for you!

  51. Fahmi

    Hi, may you suggest me regarding trek as per my condition. Actually I have weak heart condition thus I get tired very easily. But I like to travel a lot. So please may you suggest me any trek idea for me. Thanks a ton…

    • HI Fahmi, how much walking or hiking do you currently do per week? Hours per day would be helpful to know, and on what kind of terrain. There are some nice short treks around Kathmandu and Pokhara which you could consider. Ideally you’re not far from transport in case you get tired and wish to return.

    • Hi thanks for reply…
      Actually I live in Kathmandu due to job. On average I am in office for 12 hours everyday and on Saturday don’t do much walking or hiking…
      I have visited many places in Nepal but no trekking…

  52. Hello,
    I would like to trekk in July, but am a little bit scared because of the monsoon. Are there any recommendable trekks to do in that period with less problems due to monsoon? Thank you! Franziska

  53. sushil naik

    Hw much indian rupee do i need to spend if i want to do Manaslu trek?

  54. Hello all!
    I’ll be coming to Nepal for the very first time this September and would like to do a trek but I can’t decide on which one exactly. I’m arriving in Kathmandu on September 16th, very early in the morning. Probably spending the day in the capital and flying to Pokhara first thing in the morning on the next day. From there I could either do the ABC or the Annapurna Panorama Trek. As I will have only around 6 full days (outbound flight already fixed) do you think the ABC is doable? I’ve read a bit about both and think that I’d like the Annapurna Base Camp better than the Panorama trek. I’m also planning to get a guide/porter, probably from an agency.

    • Dear Anna
      This is kp dhital from Green valley Nepal treks , Thank you for your tour inquire email.. you both looks very fit and interesting to go Annapurna base camp treks , This email i give you from 17 to 22 Sept 6 days from pokhara to pokhar.. but if you total time kathmandu to kathmandu please let me i will change to direct to ABC and come back No Ghorapani poonhill , please read below ,
      Note: for other different treks information or detail i will email you next .. write me back …
      Annapurna Base Camp (Sanctuary) treks ( 6 Days)
      This most interesting and highly praised trek brings you to the base camp of Annapurna I. More important topic – the route provides you information about varieties of natural and cultural diversity. Breathtaking views of Annapurna Himalayan range, picturesque Magar and Gurung (the brave Gurkhas) villages, romantic paddy fields, beautiful Rhododendron forests, dramatic landscapes are the Major attraction of this trek.
      Day to day Detail Itinerary for 6 days ..
      Day 01 : Sept 17: Drive to Hille Via Nayapul from Pokhara, By jeep 2 to 3 hours then Trek to Ghorepani ( 2856 m) 5 to 6 houre treks. Our trek begins from here. After a short walk reach to Tikhedhunga. then take a steep ascent up to Ulleri, a large Magar village, which is rather challenging. But nice view of Himalaya From Ulleri, the trail is a gentle ascent and we pass through rhododendron and oak forests to reach Banthanti. A couple of hours from here and we reach Ghorepani. Ghorepani stay is popular for the Poonhill hike which presents a spectacular view of the sunrise and a superb panoramic view of the mountain ranges. Overnight stay in a guesthouse.
      Day 02 :Trek from Ghorepani to chuile (2309m) Today’s journey begins with a short hike to Poonhill, the best viewpoint in the trail and unmistakably a photographer’s paradise. A 45 min walk takes us to the top of the hill which is at a height of 3210m. We return back to Ghorepani for breakfast and then move to Deurali along a steep strenuous climb. The walk from here to Banthani is an easy jungle route where we may come across monkeys and Langurs. Further down, we reach Chuile our stay for the night.
      Day 03: Trek from Chuile to Bambu (2325 m) After breakfast at Chuile we move down gradually along forests of rhododendrons, cross the Kimsung River and ascend to reach a Gurung village called Gurjung. From here, a straight climb takes us to Chhomrong, a beautiful village situated in the lap of the Annapurna. After lunch stop continues our treks . Stone steps from Chhomrong drops down to Chhomrong Khola, where we cross a suspension bridge. Then we take a steep climb to Sinuwa. After a short walk along the jungle, followed by an easy downhill, we reach Bamboo. Over night stay at a guest house
      Day 04: Bambu to Machhapuchhre base camp “ MBC”(3700M)
      Passing the damp bamboo forest, we take the steep descent to Dovan, the bottom of a gorge.The walk from Dovan to Himalaya is a silent one as big noises are not allowed in the jungle in regard to a temple on the way. The route first comprises bamboo forests and then changes to rhododendron forests and contains plenty of waterfalls. Upon reaching Himalaya, clearings appear and glacial rivers are visible along the trail as we ascend to Hinku cave. After a short walk, the trail first drops to the river and then ascends again to reach Deurali that offers exotic views of the valley below. From Deurali, the trail passes through a river bed, and after a tedious climb, we reach Machhapuchhre Base Camp. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, views of Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Gangapurna, Himchuli et cetera are very rewarding. Overnight stay at the Machhapuchhre base camp.
      Day 05 : MBC/ ABC TO Bambu : this is very important morning week up 4.00 am trek to ABC for sunrise After viewing a spectacular sunrise from ABC, we head back following the same trail through MBC, Deurali, Himalaya and Bamboo all the way to Mostly downhill, the trail is an easy walk. Overnight stay at Bambu.
      Day 6: Trek from Bambu to new Bridge tehn Drive back pkr. From , we move ahead to Chomorong. Taking the route along the Modi Khola, continues walk for about five hours as we reach New Bridge and then we drive back to Pokhara and stay overnight in a guesthouse.
      Trip cost per person $ 481.
      Trip cost includes
      . One night’s standard accommodation in Pokhara .
      . Entry permits for Annapurna Conservation Area
      • TIMS permits (Trekking Information Management System)
      • One Professional Trekking Guide Come porter , his all necessary insurance, meals and allowances.
      • 3 meals per day and overnight accommodation in Hotel/lodge along the trekking trail
      • One map of Annapurna Base camp Trekking
      • Farewell dinner at famous restaurant in Thamel before your departure from Nepal
      • Sleeping Bag, Down Jacket (refundable) if you need .
      • Jeep transport from pokhara to trekking start point/ back .
      • Rescue Arrangements off course not the rescue bills
      Cost Exclude
      • International airfare and Nepal visa fees
      • Travel / medical insurance and emergency evacuation cost
      • Food in Kathmandu and Pokhara
      • Personal expenses such as telephone calls, alcoholic beverages, donation etc…
      Tips for guides (It is Expected)
      Please feel free to write us back with more questions. I will be flexible to change this itinerary and organize this trip .
      Best Regards
      Kp dhital.
      Green valley nepal treks

  55. joihn geddes

    are bookings for Sept-Nov this year, 2016, more or less than 2014? More or less than 2015? thanks

  56. raj

    Rajendra Dhamala’s (Raj)started working as a trekking guide since 2008 and today he is a experience trekking guide to arrange best trekking packages in all Nepal treks and tours As well as give a good cost and package as well as arrange by service tour and treks guide and porters then help to make permit Tim’s card flight booking hotel booking as a expedition permit any short hiking around ktm or pokhara With ground transport service and pick up departure service so many others activities rafting para gliding bonji jump horse Riding etc He is driven by his daring spirit and is a dedicated traveller. His devotion for travel today has brought him to this stage of success. He has been recommending travel enthusiasts that Nepal is the best tourist destination. His main goal is to expand Nepal’s tourism in a much enhanced way in the coming future.we arrange more no1. EBC treks.2.ABC treks.3.Poonhill Treks . 4.Langtang treks As a short hiking as a city Kathmandu and pokhara.: contact9779841055586(viber,line,wechat,) email:mountainguideraj@hotmail.com ( Facebook : Dc Raj)

  57. Arjun

    Hi guys,

    Im going to nepal on september 9th. I’m just there on an escape for 3 days. I badly want to do a trek then was looking at Nagarkot? Could anyone advice on what should i look at? Btw I’m a real beginner in trekking.

  58. Barbora Svobodova

    We are going to Nepal for the first time and we are looking for a trek suitable for us.
    -We are two
    -experienced with high altitude trekking (above 6 000)
    -trekking without guide/porter preferred
    -camping treks or partly camping treks preferred
    -max duration of 20 days
    -time: beginning of September 2016
    We would be grateful for any recommendations.

    • Hi, my friends and I just returned from Nepal earlier this year. We did the Annapurna Circuit and it was an amazing trip. Now we want to go back and explore more of Nepal. If you are tight on schedule, then with 20 days you can do Annapurna Circuit. There are other treks as well but if you are going without guide or porter than Annapurna Circuit will be something that is doable where you don’t need any special permits (unlike Mustang/Manaslu). You can than do part of the Annapurna Base Camp if you finish early w/ the Circuit as it does not take full 20 days. You can do it in about 14 days depending on where you start. We drove up to Besisahar and ended in Jomsom and took a flight to Pokhara. Just make sure Nepal’s Monsoon season is over. Here is a video of my trip with my friends.

  59. sushil

    Hello All,
    I m planning to start AC from 27 september. I need some advices and suggestions;
    * I’ll reach Nautanwa Rly. Station @ 10:30 PM. So, Is there any option of crossing the border and boarding the buses in the night?
    * Do I need to go to Kathmandu or Pokhara is fine… As I see Besisahar is almost located at the same distance from both the cities.
    * Also… Is september 27-28 little early. I read somewhere that if one starts lil early, there will be comparatively less crowd on the trails.
    * Is the whole classic route worth walking now… Besisahar to Ghorepani?
    * Which NATTs are good and worth the effort and time invested?

  60. Kat

    Which one has the prettiest view? I want to go on a medium difficulty trek somewhere from 10-16 days but has a nice scenery and tea houses.

    • Check out the Khopra Danda trek 🙂

  61. mariana

    HI! I want to do a treck and i have just 7 days, what would you recommend me?

    • Namaste and greeting form Nepal! we would say the Gorepani poon trek is suitable for 7 days where you can see brilliant mountain view with beautiful landscape. this trek is a part of Annapurna trek, the maximum altitude is 3210m above sea level. thank you hope to see you in Nepal.

  62. terra spradling

    Thank you for perhaps the most level headed thing I have read today. I think it could also be useful for everyone to know how and where to fill a form online. BTW, there is an online service through which you can fill out a CA IMM-231, the fillable blank is here https://goo.gl/cwKc8i

  63. Joe Goh

    Dear Alex,

    WE planned to go for ABC trek starting form Pokara with additional time for distributing some item to one of the children Home and do hair cutting for them ( intend to teach a few selected children for training, if time permit will do for older man and women) at the end of the trekking, we want to stop by Pokara to see the result of the select children who should be doing hair cutting for other children when we do the trekking, give them the fine tuning before we return back to where we come. We plan to do it end March to mid April with a maximun of 14 days period.

  64. Ongdup Lepcha

    Hellow I am from Sikkim and just concluded Manang n Mustang trek recently. I have 2 friends (male) who accompanied me recently in my trek and are avid trekkers too. Next October we r planning to trek EBC via gyokyo and r looking for female partners who could join us in our trek. Budget should be borne individualy . Anyone interested can contact us irrespective of any nationality.

  65. sandeep phuyal

    hi everyone i am from ktm and i haven’t attend any treaking, Now i am planning for treaking so which is the best place for the first treaking

  66. […] Basecamp trail, so I hope to write about this trail soon. In the meanwhile, you can check out this […]

  67. […] tourism industry – but this year Nepal looks set to be getting back on its feet. Many of the trekking trails remain undamaged, and the country is still as beautiful as it ever was. Plus, a visit will help […]

  68. Stefan - www.burning-feet.com

    Very nice overview guys but Tilicho Lake on Annapurna Circuit is much more than just a “day trip”. I just came back from a extended hiking trip in Nepal a have done many of these listed treks. To get from Manang to Tilicho Lake and back to the main trail of Annapurna Circuit takes you 2 to 3 days. It’s just a tip. All best, Stefan from http://www.burning-feet.com

  69. […] – aber in diesem Jahr wird Nepal aller Voraussicht nach wieder auf die Beine kommen. Viele der Wanderwege sind noch unbeschädigt erhalten und das Land ist so schön, wie es immer war. Ein Besuch wird […]

  70. Ganesh

    Dear Traveler across the world,
    We are organizing TREK/TOUR and EXPEDITIONS since long in Nepal. please let us to know if any body are searching for reliable local Trekking agency in Nepal.

  71. Bk

    Hi This is Bk, if someone would like to join Rara, Jumla And Upper Dolpo in September please, reply us it would be 24 days trek, one of the best adventure in great Himalaya trails.

  72. Tara

    Special offer for all trek in Nepal with nepalhikingtrek would you want grap. want make your holiday memorable send me email.thanks

  73. […] some trekking inspiration in Nepal, check out this awesome list by TrekkingPartners with the 12 best treks in Nepal. We can’t wait to go back and do another […]

  74. sherpa

    i would like to go Annapurna circuit in between may if anybody wants to join then lets hace travel fun together.

  75. […] Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) / Annapurna Sanctuary termasuk dalam trek pendek yang bisa bikin lo face to face dengan pegunungan Himalaya. Sebenernya trek nya ga pendek – pendek banget. Tapi semua bergantung sama mental dan kondisi fisik waktu ngejalanin trek. FYI, tipe trekking di Nepal untuk beberapa jalur ga butuh peralatan camping, tenda, dan lainnya. Disini bakal ada guesthouse tiap 2-3 jam tergantung kecepatan trek. Ini beberapa jenis trekking di Nepal. […]

  76. aditya

    Hi, this is aditya from india. want to come to nepal this jul-aug 2017 for a trek.i have done some basic trail and trek here in india. want to do a trek in everest base camp. would like to know if there are any organised group trek? i am also researching for info. any further info would be helpful

  77. Prakash Devkota

    well great list but I would put some other treks in top 12
    Ruby Valley trek,
    Pikey Peak Trail
    Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek and
    Makalu Trek with Sherpani Col
    These are getting more popular these days

  78. Shambhu

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