Trekking in Nepal- things this site isn\'t telling you. Beware!!


We all know that common sense will prevail in most situations. For first time trekkers…..Beware!

This site isn’t telling you everything necessary for a successful trip In your wake toward the adventure to Nepal There are; Trolling douche bags guide & porter fraud unseen costs Dangerous encounters and so forth.

2008 was my first time to Nepal As a (back then) avid climber & trekker Ive been exposed to many different experiences Hopefully this rant will shed some light on Trekking to the Everest Base camp for the first timer.

in my opinion (Trekkingpartners) might be a good portal for like minded folks to meet and exchange ideas But how many people from this site had a successful merge where are the follow up tales of awesomeness that this site presents but fails to deliver.


(1) Do Not rely on a porter or guide service in KMD. Why> The trail to EBC is so well marked that a blind yak could follow it. If your pack is more than 8 to 10 kilos just hire a porter in Lukla. ALL of the money you pay him goes to his effort and then you will have made a extraordinary effort to limit porter exploitation.

(2) Do not trust Guides services people in Kathmandu. Why> they will tell you everything is awesome & they will arrange everything AT A EXTRA COST!!! do everything yourself!. E.G., acquire a trekking permit, buy your round trip ticket to lukla, taxi to the domestic airport and so forth. Dont rely on these people to handle your trip for you. disappointment awaits. Plus, walking around Thamel is a great way to stretch your legs, taste good food, have a good coffee & buy great local gear.

(3) DO NOT Expect food to be prepared in clean conditions. Kerosine or wood fired kitchens are the norm- Especially beyond Namche Bazaar!

(4) DO NOT Bring high end items on your trip. E.G., IPHONE, Laptops, Expensive gear. Those things just become a liability. Unplug for a while and enjoy nature.

(5) DO NOT TREK ALONE. Why> the recent avalanche should tell you something. If it didn’t, I will. The Nepali & Sherpa people saved or evacuated many trekkers from high altitudes & They will save your ass when you cant.


(1) Buy local gear. Why> the knock off gear is just as good and super cheap. Check out Shonas & Sherpa gear in Thamel. Shonas makes down sleeping bags! super cheap prices. that same bag in the US is $500.

(2) Do have a means to call for help or have a evacuation plan. Why> People get HACE or HAPE very easy. If you dont know what the acronyms mean then you haven’t done enough research for your trek at altitude.

(3) Do consider medication before coming to KMD. Why> who knows what your buying from the pharmacy in KMD. People in 3rd world countries think they need antibiotics so they walk to the local drug outlet and ask for a cure. If you ask for a drug, they will sell it to you. English? who knows.

(4) Do HAVE FUN! Why> This is your shot at a wonderful experience in the back country of Nepal. Trekking to EBC is strenuous, culturally enlightening & breath taking (literally)

There are many other interjections, anecdotes & schtick examples to tell you. Drop me a note with questions. I will try to help out the best I can.

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