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I’m Rob a professional photographer. This will be my first visit to Nepal. I arrive on the 1st November and plan to stay as long as there is exciting stuff to do. I have already arranged the ABC trek which I start on the 4th of November, that takes 10 days, I will probably need a few days to recover but keen to find some like-minded travellers to tackle some more, I also plan to visit Tibet, Bhutan and India if this interests anyone.
Also keen to share some sightseeing experiences 1st – 3rd of November in Katmandu…


Hi Lorenzo,

We are a tour and trekking agency based in Kathmandu ad we’d be happy to organise for you 2/3 days around Kathmandu and its valley, focusing on less touristy destinations and sites, which will allow you to experience the authentic culture of the Kathmandu Valley, where there are real gems for photographers.
Our company is managed by two Nepalis and one Italian/Australian.
You can contact us on">

Girwan, Mukesh and Chiara

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